04 December 2020

Friday Favorites - A Toddler Christmas


It's the first Friday of December!  I think after October, December is my favorite month.  It is (usually) dependably cooler in Texas and that's my favorite kind of weather.  Plus, you know, the Holiday Season!  We put our tree up the week before Thanksgiving and I am not sad about it.  It sits in the nook of our staircase which gives me a great view of it from my office while I'm working.

I didn't do any gift guides this year, but I thought I would share with you some of the favorite things I've put on Henry's wishlist for Christmas in case you are in search of some good toddler gifts.

Palm Grip Crayons

 He has been coloring at school and I thought now would be a good time to have some crayons at home that would be great for toddlers.

12" plush Rolly - Puppy Dog Pals

 Puppy Dog Pals has been a favorite around these parts lately (and has the BEST theme song in my opinion).  I thought a plush puppy was in order since we are not about to get the real thing, ha ha.


 Henry has  been very into the magnets on the refrigerator lately and I thought this would be a fun gift for him.

 He also LOVES a pop-up book.  He has several on his list for Santa.  

Puzzles have also been a big favorite in our house recently.  He's getting good at them! 
skoolzy bead/laces set

This looked like a lot of fun and an activity that might occupy him for a little bit. 

I thought it was time for some new bath toys and found these Puppy Dog Pals toys.  He's going to love them! 


Would it be a toddler wishlist without Little People on it? 
What are the toddlers/young people in your life wishing for this holiday season?  Let me know in the comments!

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Joanne said...

My boys always loved those Melissa and Doug puzzles.

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