04 November 2020

My Peloton Review

 It will be four weeks tomorrow that our Peloton bike was delivered.

peloton bike | weights

 I wanted to ride it for a solid month before giving an opinion, although if you follow me on Instagram stories, you probably have a good idea on how I feel about the bike.

I have ridden the bike every day since it was delivered.  Every day.  It is a great ride.  There is so much variety even in the cycling workouts that I love finding the right rides for me.  And there are so many.  I am eager to try the other workouts as well.  I've done a couple of arm toning workouts, but there's also strength, cardio, running, walking, yoga, barre...but I'm still so so in love with the cycling.  I'll get there though!  

I love a themed ride - Bon Jovi, Hamilton, Prince, JLo.  I just love a theme.  I've managed a Personal Record (PR) in almost all the theme rides I've done.  

I've taken classes from a lot of instructors, but everyone has favorites.  Mine?

Jenn Sherman
Emma Lovewell
Leanne Hainsby

Specific rides I've loved:

Kendall's 45 minute Bon Jovi ride
Sam's 30 minute Bon Jovi ride
Robin's 30 minute Hamilton ride
Cody's 30 minute Britney Spears ride
Emma's 45 minute 90s ride (9/7/2020)
Jenn's 60 minute 80s ride (10/11/2020)
Leanne's 45 minute 90s ride (10/21/2020)

So what do I love?  I love the workout.  I am a firm proponent of finding an activity you love and then your workout won't feel like work.  And I love cycling.  I love the leaderboard.  I'm not one to compete with others, but I love competing against myself.  I also love giving high fives to other riders as we encourage each other on the ride.  I love the community!  Everyone is striving to be their best - their personal best.  The instructors are so encouraging - even during a pandemic when they are teaching from an empty studio.

We purchased just the bike.  I didn't buy clip in shoes or their specific mat.  I bought cage pedals and a mat on my own.  I wear skechers sneakers to ride.  Here is a run down of the equipment I have, not including the bike:


I love love love the bike.  LOVE.  I love the workouts I'm getting.  I love how I feel after a ride.  I look forward to every single ride.  Live rides, recorded rides, doesn't matter.  I just love every part of the experience.

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Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

I just got my peloton too and love it!!! Even the low impact rides kick my butt. It's such a workout!

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