13 August 2020

Working From Home - How I Work Out

 When Coronavirus hit, I felt I had just gotten my feet back under me after returning to work from maternity leave.  We had a good routine down and it was working pretty well.  I had gotten into the habit of getting up at 4am to work out before Henry would get up.  This way I'd be showered, dressed, and ready to go before he wok up and started his morning routine.

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Those first eight weeks of COVID were crazy.  We were under a Stay at Home order here.  Both my husband and I were working from home and we had pulled Henry out of daycare temporarily.  Trying to work from home, full-time, with a 9 month old who was starting pull himself up and stand and cruise was a challenge.  I'd grab a workout when I could, but a lot of what ended up happening was a morning or afternoon walk while pushing Henry in the stroller.  Which was fine.  But I've never been one for fine when it comes to my workouts.

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In May, the Stay at Home order was lifted and we made the decision to put Henry back in daycare.  My husband was going back to the office and we started to rework our daily routines.  Again.  In May, Henry was teething and was not a consistent sleeper.  But working from home, I was able to squeeze in a workout over lunch, or right after I dropped him off at daycare and then shower later during lunch.  The flexibility with being at home and not having a commute really helped me to focus on getting my workouts in more consistently.


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Lately, Henry has been sleeping past 6 - woohoo!  So I have been able to get up at 5/5:15 and get a workout in before he wakes up.  Then I shower and get dressed after I drop him off at day care.  I like this schedule a little bit better as I like to be on camera for calls and feel more professional if I am showered, dressed, and have makeup on.   

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So what does my workout consist of?  Here is a very loose schedule of what I do:

Monday:  Pure Barre On Demand workout or 21 Day Fix
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Run
Friday: Pure Barre On Demand or 21 Day Fix
Saturday: Run
Sunday: 3 mile walk around the neighborhood

Depending on what I have going on that week, some things may get moved around.  I don't always get to it before Henry wakes up.  I try to get a workout in 4-5 days at a minimum, but I aim for 6.  I really miss my studio barre classes, but it's just not possible right now with Henry being so young and our work schedules.  Maybe some day I'll get back into the studio.  

Has your fitness routine changed during COVID?  What are your favorite ways to get activity in? Sound off in the comments!

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