26 August 2020

What's Up Wednesday

 Happy Wednesday!  And y'all, it's the last Wednesday of the month.  I can hardly believe it.  Where did August go?

Since it's the last week of the month, it's time to link up with Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday.

Here's a little peek into our world right now.

1.  What We're Eating

Lunches this week are my favorite salad!  Baby spinach, chicken, chopped dates, goat cheese, pecans, and croutons/corn bread crisps with balsamic vinaigrette.  So so good.

Dinners this week - it's the first week of class and I'm on campus a couple days, Mr. Fisher had City Council for a residential project, so it's nothing too much.

Monday - Soup
Tuesday - Salad
Wednesday - Fish in the air fryer and Cauliflower
Thursday - Costco Orange Chicken and Basmati Rice
Friday - Pizza (Trader Joe's pizza dough)

2.  What I'm Reminiscing About

Y'all.  Timehop is a beast.  Look at this baby!

I'm still somewhat in denial that a whole year has gone by.  I know I've mentioned it before, but until I met Mr. Fisher, I did not want kids.  Now, I cannot possibly imagine life without Henry.

3.  What I'm Loving

So many things in this photo that I'm loving!

1.  NARS Liquid Lipstick in Starwoman
2.  Starbucks Pumpkin Cold Brew
3.  First Day of a new Academic Year

4.  What We've Been Up To

Not much - work, day care, weekend at home...repeat...

5.  What I'm Dreading

Other than the obvious (COVID related issues), not much.  I know at some point we're going to have to make a call about whether to travel for Christmas (I'm thinking we're going to have to skip Rhode Island this year, sob).  I also really want to do professional photos with Henry, but am wary.

6.  What I'm Working On

Here's a look at my project list for work #registrarlife

A few more details - lifelong MyMav access: I'd like students to be able to continue to access our system after they are no longer students.  This will allow us to stop having two processes.  Right now current students do things one way and former students do it a different way because their access is shut off.  PeopleTools is tech speak for an upgrade to our database.

7.  What I'm Excited About

My New Englander hart is craving all things Fall...but I live in Texas so...

Let's just say the cooler weather cannot get here fast enough for me!

8.  What I'm Watching/Reading

Mr. Fisher and I have binged all of Top Chef from Season One all the way to the most recent season.  We love this show so much.  Our latest?

Who else is watching Alone?  Holy cow, we're hooked!

I just started this and am only a few pages in.  I don't have any idea yet if I like it or not.  I'll keep you posted though!

9.  What I'm Listening To

I'm on a free trial of Sirius XM right now and I am LOVING it.  80s on 8 is a favorite.  Normally I would listen to a podcast in the car, but Henry is a huge music fan so we've been listening to music on the day care run.

10.  What I'm Wearing

Summer dresses, dressy tops with leggings so I look professional on zoom calls, and jean shorts and t-shirts on the weekend.  And a lot of workout gear!

11.  What I'm Doing This Weekend

We have nothing planned for this weekend!  A lot of hanging around the house and play time with Henry.

12.  What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

More pumpkin things?  Cooler weather, at least cooler mornings.  Normally I would be getting all excited about football (both college and NFL), but we'll see what the COVID landscape holds.

13.  What Else Is New?  

Not much!  I hope you all have a great day!

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