03 August 2020

Life Lately

It's a new week y'all!  I have a crazy buys week at work, but I really enjoyed my time off last week.  I completely unplugged and it helped to recharge my batteries.  Here's a little peek at what we've been up to lately.

This little squish turned ONE!  Y'all, he is such a JOY.  I can't even.  He is sweet, and happy, and walking all over the place. 

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we switched day care providers for Henry.  He has grown by leaps and bounds in the 3 weeks he's been there.  To know that we were validated in that huge change is a weight off my shoulders.  And it makes my mama heart happy to see him thriving there.

We've been working on our utensil skills!

I am still predominantly working from home.  I am on campus one day per week.  We have been prepping for Fall opening for awhile and I am both anxious and interested to see how it turns out.  I will say that I have nothing but good things to say about how the institution I work for has handled the pandemic.  They have been deliberate and cautious and have worked so hard on their plans.  The first priority has always been the safety of students, staff, and faculty.

We've been having a lot of outside time on the weekends.  He loves this lawnmower!

Someone LOVES a cozy blanket (I mean, who doesn't?)

Auntie Missy and cousin Rayla came to visit for almost 4 weeks!  We were so blessed to have them back to visit for another extended quarantine visit.  Besides, mama and dada, Auntie Missy and Rayla are favorites of Henry's. 

And to hear him say Yay-ya will melt your heart.  He's missing them tons now.  He constantly calls for Rayla.  We've tried to make up for it with lots of FaceTime!

We had a very small, socially distanced and masked mini party to celebrate Henry turning one.  He LOVED his smash cake.

He is quite the cool dude!

That face!  He had his first tumble that resulted in a swollen lip.  Poor baby.  Your mama heart just hurts when they get hurt.  I know it won't be his last tumble though.

When you play hard and won't go down for a nap, you fall asleep after lunch.

I followed GoCleanCo's method for stripping laundry and stripped my sheets.  Holy cow!  Why haven't I done this sooner?  I plan to do my workout clothes later this week.  GoCleanCo is a great follow on instragram if you are looking for great cleaning methods.

That's a little peek at us.  What have you been up to lately?

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