14 August 2020

Friday Favorites - Back to School


Happy Friday, Y'all!

Even though Henry is only one, he is getting all the "Back to School" notices from his day care.  It's so cute.  It did get me thinking about Back to School and Fall Favorites and since it is 105 degrees here in DFW today (no lie) and I am dreaming about cooler weather, I thought I would round up some of my favorite Back to School/Fall items this week.


nordic ware bundt pan

 Fall has me thinking about all the baking, and I love a good bundt cake.  Some of my favorites are the pineapple upside down bundt cake and the sticky toffee bundt cake.  So good!


 pumpkin pecan waffle candle

 I LOVE the candles from Bath & Body Works.  I feel like a traitor to Yankee Candle, which is what I grew up with, but the Bath & Body Works candles are just better.  Hands down.  Pumpkin Pecan Waffles is my favorite for Fall.  And they're $11.95 today with the code COZY.


simplified planner

Because I work in Higher Education, I think of the year beginning in August/September.  January feels like the middle of the year to me.  I always go with an Academic Year planner.  And trust me - you cannot go wrong with Emily Ley's Simplified Planner.


barefoot dreams circle cardigan

 Fall makes me want all the cozy things - like this barefoot dreams cardigan.  Basically anything from barefoot dreams will fit the bill.  Henry LOVES our cozy barefoot dreams blanket.  You really can't go wrong with any of their items. I first bought one of their cardigans eight years ago and it has held up beautifully.  Definitely worth the purchase.  I wash mine on gentle and hang to dry and they look and feel just as good as they did the day I bought them.  I do through the blanket in the dryer, but on low heat and it's still super cozy.

How about a cozy Fall dinner idea?  This French Onion Chicken will warm you to your toes.  It is so so so good.  One of my favorite Fall recipes.


skip hop zoo backpack

 You can't go back to school without a new bag!  Henry has one of these and it is the perfect size for carrying his little things back and forth to daycare.  And how cute is this bat?  I love how he's upside down.


madewell transport tote

  How about a new school bag for you?  I love this Madewell one.  But if I had to pick a go to bag, I will always, hands down go for my Barrington tote:


 barrington st. anne tote

 I have three of these.  And I love them all.  You can completely customize it however you want, from the pattern to the stripes, to your initials and the leather trim!  You can get exactly what you want.  They hold up so so well and also make amazing gifts.  I use one as my primary work bag and it carts my work laptop, planner, and other miscellaneous things easily.

What are your Back to School favorites?

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