06 July 2020

Monday Giveaway!

Because you all are the best and because I am excited to be back blogging, I thought a giveaway was in order this week.

What am I giving away?

One Cutie BIT teeter from Ryan and Rose in the color Chocolate (for baby)

One Stella & Dot Elias adjustable bracelet (for mama)

One Stella & Dot pouch (for carrying baby stuff on the go)

One Alice in Wonderland baby book (for baby)

One Baby Manual (for mama)

To enter, all you have to is use the rafflecopter!

The giveaway is open through the end of the day on Friday!


The Menius family said...

I normally always give diapers & wipes because I know those will be used. Glad your back, I have missed your post.

Sean said...

Not the most exciting gift, but I've found gift cards have worked well. It allows the parents to get what they need!

Nichole Fisher said...

Blogger is not cooperating with my comments!

Diapers and wipes are always a welcome gift. Gift cards are great too! I know we were very thankful to get both when Henry was born.

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