16 July 2020

Henry is One!

This little guy is ONE today!  One whole year of life with this sweet boy.

It's hard to believe that Henry was ever this tiny.  If you remember, he was just under 8 pounds at birth.  He had these skinny little chicken legs.

At one year old, he is interested in how everything works.  If it makes noise, he is fascinated.  I made the mistake of running the Roomba while he was eating dinner one night.  Big mistake.  He had zero interest in dinner and only wanted to watch the Roomba.

Since he was much younger, he has loved all things cozy.  He loves the cozy blankets we keep on the living room sofas and will pull them down so he can curl up on the floor with them.  He's got a lovey he sleeps with at night that is also very cozy and soft.

He loves to be outside.  He loves playing in the water and pushing his little toys around.  He does not like crawling in the grass though and immediately began bear crawling to get around out there.

I do not overstate this when I say he is an absolute joy.  Quick to smile, very content and happy, he is such a sweet little person.

Around 6 months, we started to introduce solids.  We tried so many purees: apples, pears, peaches, mangoes, cauliflower, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, beets, peas.  The only thing he really disliked was the beets!  Once he was introduced to table food though, that was it!  No more purees for him - he wanted what we were having and that was it.  He is a really good eater.

We facetime a lot with my sister and niece back in Rhode Island and we have been lucky to have them come and quarantine with us twice during COVID.  He adores his Auntie Melissa and his cousin Rayla.  He loves watching older kids in general and wants to do what they do.

From the beginning he has been a good sleeper.  Starting with 4 hour stretches as a newborn and stretching to 5 and 6 hours quickly.  We used Taking Cara Babies to help with sleep, but overall he sleeps most nights for 11 hours and naps at day care.  He goes down easy, puts his pacifier in his mouth and holds his lovey and he's out.

This sweet, happy boy just lights up the room and makes everyone smile.

On more than one occasion I have commented to Mr. Fisher that we are so incredibly blessed and lucky that he is ours.

He loves music and oddly, the Hulu commercial that shows on tv all the time. He will stop and turn around and look at the tv whenever it comes on.  I don't know why, but something about it piques his interest.

Henry is enamored of our 3 cats.  Jack tends to avoid him all together.  Kate will tolerate him if I am holding him and helping him pet her.  Izzy will get close to him but also knows to run and hide if he's in a particularly playful mood.  If you say to Henry, "where's Izzy?" or "where's Kate?", he immediately looks around for them and smiles when he finds them.

He is starting to take some steps, about 4 or 5 and is adept at moving from one thing to another.  He is very stable at standing on his own and is getting good at bending down to pick something up.

He started at a new day care this week and has been doing so so well.  This one has more structure and curriculum and he is getting to explore and learn and be a baby but also learn about the world around him. 

Henry, you are so incredibly loved by so many people!  Your sweet, happy disposition makes everyone smile.  I hope you will always be this way.  Happy First Birthday, dear boy.

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