10 July 2020

Friday Favorites

It's Friday!  How did you all do this week?  Don't forget - today is the last day to enter the giveaway!

The beginning of my week was crazy, especially once ICE released their "guidance" about international students.  We had to do a little scrambling, but I think we are in a good place to help all our international students - the ones who are abroad and the ones who are here in the US.  With that worked on, the rest of the week quieted down a bit and I could focus on getting through some emails and some testing in our data system.  I was also reminded several times this week that Mr. Fisher and I made the right decision to move Henry's day care.  Today is his last day at the day care he's been at since he was 12 weeks old.  We're moving him to a different one starting Monday and there have been signs galore this week that we made the right call.  Nothing crazy - his health and safety aren't in jeopardy or anything, but definite signs that we're doing the right thing. 

I promised you all some of my office favorites this Friday, so let's jump into it!

I have this mug warmer in my home office AND my campus office.  I love it that much.  It keeps my coffee or tea hot and it looks cute too!  If you are a hot beverage drinker, you need one of these.

I bought this for my office.  I am on my phone more during the day during COVID for calls and meetings and I like having a wireless charger available on my desk.  This one was $15 when I bought it, it's now $19, but there's a 15% off coupon right now.  It works great and the price is right.

I love yeti tumblers.  They are pricier than others, but I find they are the best.  I have the 20oz tumbler for water and the coffee mug for tea and coffee.  I do better at drinking water if it's ice cold and the yeti keeps my water cold for hours.  If I'm going to be out at meetings (pre-COVID), the yeti mug is my go to, it keeps my coffee hot!

This is the desk I have in my home office.  We bought this from Ikea when we moved into the house almost three years ago.  It's a great size.  Good to spread papers out if I need to, but not so big it overwhelms the space.  It's held up great over the last three years and I see it lasting for a long while.

Another great Ikea find was this bookcase.  I love it.  You can place the drawers in the middle like I have them here or on the bottom.  I wanted a bookcase but also needed a little extra storage space in my office since there isn't a closet.  I keep extra stationary in there, extra cords, paper, etc.

I have been a fan of Barrington Bags for years.  They are so well made and you can monogram them.  I bought my first back in 2013.  It makes a great carry on bag for a flight.  I use one as my work bag.  I cart my laptop, folders, lipstick pouch, and other essentials back and forth to work in it.  Love these bags so much!

Those are some of my work favorites!  Have a great weekend!


Joanne said...

I love my Yeti tumbler so much that I bought one or two for everyone in the house!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I'm glad things seem to be okay for the international students. That is something that worries me as I work for a college too. It's just ridiculous.

LOVE Yeti. I need my water to be really cold too, so it's very handy. I used to bring it to work everyday, but now it's just with me at home as I work.


Nichole Fisher said...

Lauren - I worry about them a lot as well. I keep my fingers crossed that the rules ease up a little bit.

Nichole Fisher said...

And Yeti tumblers are the BEST. I've tried other brands but I keep coming back to Yeti.

The Menius family said...

I'm definitely going to remember that wireless charger. I think that will make great stocking stuffers.

I have had my Yeti cup for years but it looks like I need to upgrade if these newer ones are dishwasher safe. I still hand wash mine everyday.

Nichole Fisher said...

I know it says they're dishwasher safe, but I still handwash mine.

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