20 July 2020

Amazon Finds!

With COVID, we have been online ordering more than usual.  I've had some really great finds on Amazon lately and thought I'd share what I've loved lately.

Normally I grab a roll at Target, but I needed more than a roll and the price was right for this set of three.

We've been doing some minor updates to our patio area and I wanted a new end table to throw bug spray and sunscreen in so they weren't cluttering the windowsills.

Our crazy spoiled cats will only drink out of a fountain.  I broke our previous one (it was ceramic) and came across this one and I am liking this one more than the old one. It's more compact and holds a good amount of water.  It's also easier to clean!

Every kid should have a fun outside toy and this one suits Henry.  He can push it, it makes fun noises, and it lights up.  What more could a 1 year old ask for?

Goodthreads is an Amazon house brand, very similar in style to Madewell.  I love this dress!  Very easy to wear, perfect for summer and for working from home.  And it has pockets!

I NEVER break out the iron.  I use a steamer.  I legitimately could not tell you the last time I used an iron.  Mr. Fisher or I reach for this daily to steam a shirt for work.  So easy to use and it heats up fast.

I love using these for my planner.  Normally I buy the sharpie pen, but I really wanted just blue and could only get them in the fine point marker.  I still love them!

I have never loved opening my bra and underwear drawer more.  Everything is neatly organized, I know exactly where everything is.  This was $15 well spent!

Any great finds lately?  Share them in the comments!  I'm always on the lookout for good Amazon finds.

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