20 September 2019

Friday Favorites: Baby Gear

Happy Friday friends!  We are in New England visiting family but I wanted to share with you some of my favorite baby gear finds over the last few months.  


These are products we either bought or were gifted for Henry and that we absolutely LOVED.

We had heard about baby boxes from Mr. Fisher's cousin and we started looking for one about halfway through my pregnancy.  Y'all, this was a lifesaver.  It was a place to lay H down and know he was safe.  It fit easily on our bed and we knew he was safe.  We have a pack and play with a bassinet insert, but this was so much better.  We got so much use out of it the first six weeks.  If you purchase, I would go ahead and add a couple of extra sheets for the mattress insert to your order.

Oh my stars.  This was the best gift ever.  Seriously.  It is so convenient and makes traveling with a baby so easy.  Compact in size, the wheels extend down to turn the car seat into a stroller.  And when I say travel, I mean any travel - travel out of town, travel to Target, travel to a restaurant.  This is perfection.  Save your pennies now so you can snag one of these.

My sister used these when my niece was a baby and I'm glad I remembered that they exist.  It makes sterilizing all the bottle parts so easy.  Just toss the pieces in the bag with 2oz of water and pop into the microwave.  You can use each bag 20 times.

You get a 2-for-1 deal with this one!  A swing and a bouncer in one.  The chair part detaches.  It's great if you are looking for an extra bouncer, or just want to not have so many separate pieces of baby gear.  Some babies don't like to swing, but H loves it.

Not glamorous, I know.  But it works.  It traps odors, doesn't take special bags like other pails out there, is incredibly sturdy, and has a locking top. 

Great quality both in sound and optics.  It also shows the room temperature, which is a nice added bonus.

What has been your must have baby gear?

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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