30 September 2019

Amazon Lately

Let's be honest, getting out of the house with a newborn is challenging.  Many times I've asked myself, is it worth it to get him in the car seat and bring him into the store to get something?  Usually not, so my Amazon purchases ramped up a bit the last few weeks.  I've got some of my favorite Amazon finds here.

My sister has one of these and I saw it in action this weekend.  Way better than a pizza wheel, this got through the pizza easily, quickly, and without having to go back over the cuts.

Heel Socks                                                 O'Keeffe's Foot Cream

Being at home the last 11 weeks, I've been barefoot a lot.  Which I love. I'm not one to wear shoes in the house.  Needless to say, my heels are in rough shape.  I grabbed these heel socks and foot cream and have been wearing them at night.  Game Changer.


 Mama Bear is Amazon's house brand for baby supplies.  H can only use water wipes and the Water Wipes brand is more expensive.  I thought I'd give these a try and they work just as well.  You get twice as much for $10 less.  Winner!  And the sterilizer bags?  Again, you 10 instead of 5 for the same price as other brands.  We won't be sterilizing much longer, I'm going to switch over to the dishwasher, but I'll still keep these on hand for travel.


This dress has been my go-to silhouette post partum.  It's flattering on my body and it  makes me feel good about myself right now.  This dress is super comfortable, and wait for it - it has POCKETS!  I also love the midi length.  I'm tempted to snag it in the yellow too.


 These are hands down the best cat collars I've used and I have been a pet owner for close to 15 years.  Detachable if they hit a snag and incredibly durable, these are great.  Izzy made a mess of every collar she ever had until this one.  They would get all mangled and misshapen, don't ask me how.  All of them wear these now.


This is a replacement for one we already had, but it's worth mentioning how great this little steamer is!  We use it all. the. time.  It is way easier than lugging out the ironing board and there's no guessing if the setting is too hot or too cold, which means no scorch marks!  It is a travel steamer so it obviously travels well, but we use ours daily.


I love a martini and I love to make them at home.  Dirty Sue makes great olive juice and a martini is super simple to make.  I love mine ice ice cold with a little extra juice and blue cheese stuffed olives.

I had been wanting to do a foot peel for a while, but didn't want to while pregnant.  My feet were so swollen and the skin so stretched the first two weeks after giving birth to H that the skin felt like leather.  It felt like the perfect time to try these and oh it worked so well.  Be warned, the peeling is a little gross, but so worth it!

What are some of the great things you've found on Amazon lately?

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