24 April 2019

What's Up Wednesday

Y'all.  I need time to both slow down and speed up, is that possible?  It's the end of April!  I've got about 12 weeks left in this pregnancy and I'm both ready to meet the newest member of the Fisher house, but also not quite ready.  More excitement than fear to be sure, but 12 weeks feels awfully short.

As we slide into May and the high heat of summer, it's time for What's Up Wednesday!  Here's a peek into what we've been up to this month!

1.  What We're Eating This Week

 Monday - the plan was soup, but it was Mr. Fisher's birthday and he wanted dinner out so we headed to Lazy Dog instead.
 Tuesday - The Lazy Genius' Change Your Life Chicken
 Wednesday - Pork Loin and Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Thursday - Salad
Friday - Caprese Turkey Burgers
Saturday - Dinner at Studio Movie Grill for Avengers: Endgame
Sunday - something before we head to Fair Park to see HAMILTON!

2.  What I'm Reminiscing About

Our weekend away to celebrate Mr. FIsher's 40th birthday!  I'll have all the details on that fun little adventure in a separate post.  But we had a nice little weekend away and got some good downtime before baby comes and we got to celebrate my favorite guy.

3.  What I'm Loving

This is hands down my favorite dry shampoo.  I was excited to see that it now comes in a brunette option.  I wish I could bottle the scent and use it as perfume because the scent of this dry shampoo is intoxicating. 

4.  What We've Been Up To

Oh my gosh - all the things!  April felt crazy busy.

I started the month in Los Angeles for a work trip.  Broken toe and all.  I was a little sad that I was limited to the area around the hotel/conference due to said broken toe, but I still had a great meeting.

We've done a little more work on Baby Fisher's room

We also got another peek at him on ultrasound

This one has been all kinds of snuggly.  She's about to turn 1 in a couple of weeks.  She's not as rambunctious as she was as a younger kitten, but she still has her moments and she loves a good snuggle.

We spent Easter weekend in San Antonio and had such a wonderful time

5. What I'm Dreading

I still feel like I have a million things to do before Baby Fisher gets here.  I'm a planner by nature, so I know there are some things I can't plan for, but I'm planning for the stuff that I can.

6.  What I'm Working On

Besides being more consistent with posting?  I know, I've been a slacker lately.  Getting lists together of things to do before the baby gets here - freezer meals to make, stuff to pack in my hospital bag, things to do around the house...

7.  What I'm Excited About

HAMILTON!!!  Y'all.  I have been waiting for this tour to get to Dallas and we finally get to go this coming Sunday.  I feel like the word excited is an understatement.

8.  What I'm Watching/Reading

We are huge Game of Thrones fans in our house so Sunday night is MUST SEE for us right now.  

Being football fans, we will probably tune into the draft this weekend as well.

I read The Suspect this month and LOVED it.  Five stars.  A definite page turner with an amazing twist.

I also finished The Gown which was 4 stars, another fantastic read.  It's fiction but there are some nice historical elements to it as well, especially if you are a Royal Watcher.

9.  What I'm Listening To

Season Six of The Bible Binge podcast wrapped up and I loved it.  I've got the usual podcasts in rotation: The Popcast with Knox and Jamie, Sorta Awesome, and My Favorite Murder.  I recently started Sports Wars which is so good, especially if you are a sports fan.

10.  What I'm Wearing

Maternity clothes.  Ha!  Sorry, I have not been great about taking pics of my outfits.  I am not necessarily in a great headspace regarding weight gain and my pregnancy.  Just being honest.  I know it's necessary and my pregnancy has been very healthy.  I'm not gaining too much weight but as someone who lost 100 pounds, seeing the weight creep back on, even for an exciting and amazing reason, can play mind games.

11.  What I'm Doing This Weekend

Um, HAMILTON!  Also...

I can't wait to see this movie!  The run time is 3 hours.  This third trimester mama to be is going to have to do some googling to find the best times to plan a couple of bathroom breaks.

I've also got a facial and a pedicure scheduled and we are probably going to do a little yard work.

12.  What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

A quick weekend trip home to Rhode Island and then a few weekends with not much going on.  After the busy month that April was, I am looking forward to a little downtime.

13.  What Else Is New

Not much!  Just counting down the weeks until Baby Fisher arrives!

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