19 March 2019

Life Lately

Hello Tuesday!  Why are you not adjacent to Friday?  It's the week after Spring Break at work, so it feels a little hectic in the office right now, but I'm hanging in there.  Did any of you get Spring Break off?  Any fun plans?  Please share so I can live vicariously through you.  We were not off for Spring Break, so here is a peek into what life was like for us last week.


Baby Fisher is 22 weeks!  We are over halfway there!  

As of my last appointment everything looks good.  I feel pretty good.  Moving around is starting to get a little awkward.  I don't think that's going to get better anytime soon.  I also am not sleeping very well.  I'm at the point where I need to sleep on my left side, which is my least preferred position to sleep in.  I wake up with hip pain throughout the night. 

Looking forward to July when we will finally meet our little peanut.

My admin at work gave me this as a baby gift.  How cute?  And how perfect since the Patriots and the Cowboys play each other this year?

Izzy and I have a nightly ritual after dinner.  I lay on the couch and get cozy under the blanket and she comes and snuggles up with me while I read. 

Last week I read The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian.  I would give it 3 stars.  It was aggressively fine.  It held my interest but it wasn't nearly as compelling for me as Midwives was.  Midwives I could not put down.  The Flight Attendant?  It definitely took me the whole week to read this one. 

I've moved on to Marilla of Green Gables this week and I am excited to get into it.  I love everything Green Gables related. 

I was craving toast last week so we actually had bread in the house and marshmallow creme from a baking recipe a couple of weeks back.  Friday night we punted on dinner since neither Mr. Fisher nor I wanted to cook.  He had leftover chicken and I made myself a fluffernutter on toast.  Please tell me you've had one of these?  My husband had never tasted one until Friday. 

What's a fluffernutter you ask?  Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff on white bread.  Even better if the bread is toasted and the marshmallow and peanut butter get all melty.   It is so good.  Definitely a taste of childhood.

This handsome little man turned three months old!  I can't believe Baby L (the most perfect nephew ever) is three months already.  I can't wait to see him in May.

While I did not get Spring Break off, I had Friday off and started my day with a 2 mile walk.  I try to get two miles in 3-4 days a week. 

I love this jacket.  It's from Old Navy.  It's a packable quilted puffer.  For those of you with cooler weather months, this is a great option.  Lightweight but provided the right amount of warmth while I walked.

This guy turned 14!  Where have all the years gone!  I remember when he was just a baby kitten and it was just him and me in my little studio apartment in Boston.  I think he would have preferred to stay an only cat forever, but he tolerates Kate and Izzy okay for a grumpy old man.  

I started Saturday with a stop at Starbucks while doing the grocery pick up run.  Not to worry, it's decaf iced coffee.  I am a fan of the decaf doubleshot over ice.  

By the way - grocery pickup is the best thing ever.  I love just driving up and having them bring my order.  No impulse buys, nothing off list.  I can see the total as I add things to my online cart.  Total game changer.  I imagine I'll love it even more once Baby Fisher is here!

top | maternity leggings (not shown)

I started doing prenatal yoga this weekend.  I'm hoping it helps with back and hip pain.  We'll see.  I'm wearing my favorite C9 workout tank top from Target.  This is my favorite workout top - for home workouts, for walking, for running.  I just sized up one in a couple of them to accommodate the bump. 

Saturday afternoon we hit up the new movie theatre in Euless at Glade Parks.  Yay for movie theatre recliners.  Cinepolis was great.  We loved Captain Marvel and now I am super excited for Avengers in April.

After the movie we had dinner at Whiskey Cake in Las Colinas.  I had the OMG Burger.  I was not disappointed.  So delicious!  If you are in the Las Colinas or Plano areas, hit up your local Whiskey Cake for delicious food and delicious cocktails.  Not that I had one.  I had Sprite.  Sigh.


We wrapped up the weekend with Sunday dinner.  Cubano chicken roll-ups, roasted broccoli, and couscous.  So good!  And for those of you on Weight Watchers, the Cubano chicken is only 4 points! 

And don't forget - the Ulta 21 Day sale is going on NOW!  I've got all my favorites here

Enjoy your week!  We're supposed to get a taste of Spring here in North Texas!

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