06 March 2019

Life Lately

My plan was to do this post on Monday, but y'all.  This week has been bonkers crazy at work.  Hopefully with next week being Spring Break it will be a little quieter #fingerscrossed

Here's a peek at what we've been up to lately in the Fisher House...

Baby Fisher has his own shelf in the pantry for bottles and formula.  Part of me wants to rearrange the whole pantry this coming weekend.  We'll see.

My local grocer store has these in stock!  We grabbed a can for nostalgia sake.  We always had a can of these in the house when I was growing up.  Anyone else?

I started reading The Child this week.  It's so good.  Probably 4 stars.  The Widow, by the same author, was 5 stars for me.  

This guy has been extra needy lately, wanting lots of scritches and attention.  It's not his norm, but I'll take them when I can get them.

Oh Izzy.  That rascally kitten.  She gave me a heart attack the other night.  She was hanging out on that ledge above the closet under the stairs.  Both she and Kate will take turns chilling out up there.  She saw something though and was trying to reach up toward the hand rail.  She fell and grabbed for the edge of the stairs, which broke her fall.  She then landed on the sideboard, managed to miss the breakables, and then roll to the floor.  She was fine, but I think my heart stopped for a second in there.

See?  She's fine.  She spent most of the weekend here.

Kate opted for the other fuzzy blanket on the couch.  It was a low key weekend.

Is there anything better than flowers from Trader Joe's?  Mr. Fisher would say yes, their fig bars.  Depending on the day and what I'm craving, I might say yes, the mini ice cream cones, ha!

Saturday night was Mr. Fisher's turn to pick out the restaurant and he wanted Mexican.  #yestoqueso

We were going to drive to Gloria's but it was cold and rainy, so we stuck closer to home and opted for Hacienda Ranch.  Y'all.  Their tortilla soup is so good.  So good!  I could eat it every day.

Sunday morning was my turn for a request, and I wanted pancakes.  Although I had a little but of food envy over Mr. Fisher's breakfast tacos.  I do love a good breakfast taco!

I've got a little bit of a baby bump going on.  And no wonder.

This peanut is 20 weeks this week!  Halfway there!  I can't believe it!   Baby Fisher will be here before we know it!

What's new with you all?

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