01 March 2019

Friday Favorites - Current Skincare Routine

Happy Friday, friends.  Are y'all ready for the weekend?  I have a list of errands to get done this weekend.  And hopefully a couple of naps.  The pregnancy exhaustion has reared its ugly head again and I am DRAGGING this week.  Thankful for the upcoming weekend.

This Friday for Friday Favorites, I thought I'd highlight my current skincare favorites.  I've had to stop using some of my favorites due to ingredients that are not recommended for pregnancy.  As someone who loves to try all the new skincare things, being limited to these few has been tough, but my skin looks good so I guess I can hang on in the short term.

I use this micellar water to take off my eye makeup.  You want to make sure it's the blue bottle.  It easily removes my waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

A little of this goes a long way and my makeup just melts off.  I scoop a little bit out of the tub and warm it in my fingers before spreading a layer over my face.  Smoothing it over my skin gently, I cover my whole face.  Then I take a muslin cloth, rinse it in warm water, and use it to wipe the cleanser off my face.  

After the cleansing balm, I wet my face with warm water and use one pump of this.  I recommend one of the ones that foam.  Since I use the balm to remove the makeup, I use the foaming cleanser to clean my skin.

I follow up the skin cleansing with this witch hazel as a toner.  I love the rose petal scent.

Y'all.  This moisturizer.  All the praise hands for this one.  My skin has never felt (or looked) better since I started using it last July.  I recently just had to repurchase so I feel that the price is worth it because I can get 6-7 months out of one tube.

Once a week or so I use the drunk elephant babyfacial.  I love how my skin looks and feels after.  

Once a week I use this to exfoliate.  I keep it in the shower so I don't forget!

I also keep this one in the shower and use it to wash my face first thing in the morning.  Again - like the moisturizer, this bottle lasted me 6-7 months!  You definitely get your money's worth for $38.  And gorgeous skin, too.

I hope you all enjoyed a peek into my skincare routine.  Have a great weekend, y'all!

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