05 February 2019

Life Lately

Good Morning!  Thank you for indulging my day off yesterday - I was in Super Bowl Mode on Sunday.  Did I mention, my team won?

Let's start today's post with our GIVEAWAY WINNER!



 I've emailed you so check your email and I'll send off your prize!

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Weekly Baby Fisher Update

This week, Baby Fisher is the size of an Avocado!  Week 16 is here and I feel...meh.

Healthwise, I feel great.  The fatigue has lessened, I still don't have morning sickness.  But...my hair is a mess, my skin is a mess, and I just feel fat.  My confidence has taken a little bit of a hit.  And I know it's temporary, but I just am not feeling it right now.  #honesttake

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 We had a quiet week last week

I am allowed a certain amount of caffeine per day, per my doctor (and all the pregnancy websites).  I usually savor that by enjoying one cup of coffee in the morning while I work on blog stuff or catch up on email before getting ready for work.  My current fave?  Community Coffee Pecan Praline.  It's so good.

Laura Tremaine dropped a new podcast this week and it's so good.  It's based on her blog of the same name.  It's not a super long podcast, there's one episode per week and the premise is she gives a prompt and then answers the question and then encourages the listener to also answer the prompt, in whatever way you want - discussions with friends, social media, you decide.  I've got more on last week's topic tomorrow.

I started this book after finishing Bad Blood and Murder on the Orient Express.  I'm only a little bit into it.  I'm going to give it another few chapters to see if it hooks me.  It's interesting, but I don't find it compelling yet, but it's still early. I'll let you know how it goes.

We ate dinner at Thirsty Lion last week and boy do we like this restaurant.  Everything we have ever gotten there is so good.  Including this yummy pretzel appetizer with dipping sauces.  Mr. Fisher got Tuscan Chicken with Garlic Parmesan Couscous that he raved about and my Roasted Beet and Chicken Salad was so good!

Saturday afternoon nap snuggles with this cuddle bug is one of my favorites.

One of our Super Bowl/Football traditions is to make Broccomole.  We love this dip.  It's so good and you get a good helping of veggies in there!

Because the weather here was SO GORGEOUS on Sunday, we opted to grill out for dinner while watching the big game.  Mr. Fisher grilled himself a steak and I opted for sausage.  We paired that with Chrissy Teigen's Salt and Vinegar Oven Fries.  These are so so good.  Definitely not health food, but great on a special occasion.

Did you all watch the Super Bowl?  What was your favorite commercial?  Sound off in the comments!


The Menius family said...

Thanks so much Nichole! My favorite commercial was the one with the NFL players, that was great. I also thought the one with the coach talking to the first responders and the ones that saved him were in the room was a good one.

Nichole Fisher said...

That NFL 100 one was my favorite too!

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