14 February 2019

Fitness & Pregnancy

Let's talk fitness today.  One of the things I am most nervous about this pregnancy is weight gain and staying active.  I already think about post-partum and how to lose the weight.  After losing 100 pounds, maintaining a healthy weight will always be at the forefront of my mind.

I've gained 8 pounds so far this pregnancy and I am ok with that.  I'm nervous knowing that there is more to come, to be honest.  I'm eating healthy, I'm not dieting, I'm following all the do's and don'ts.  

One of the things that is helping me stay focused is staying active.  Staying active and knowing that WW (Weight Watchers) will be there for me once the baby is born.  

I miss running.  When I was at my lowest weight, I was running 3 miles about 4 times a week and doing some weight training the other three days.  I already know in my head I want to get back to that once I am cleared for activity post-partum.  But what am I doing now?

Well, I'm not running.  I walk.  A lot.  We have a treadmill so I try to get in 2 miles 5x per week.  If we have an unseasonably warm day, I'll go outside after work and walk for two miles.  Every once in a while I'll do a prenatal workout video such as Pure Barre or Beachbody, but walking has been my favorite way to stay active.  We're signed up for the Fort Worth Zoo Run 5K on April 6.  Mr. Fisher will run it, but I'll walk it.  It's a huge event with lots of runners and walkers with the last part of the race winding through the Fort Worth Zoo.  My goal is to be back in racing form by the 2020 Zoo Run!

I really miss barre though.  I probably would have kept up with it through my pregnancy if my studio were closer.  There are times when I really miss living in Las Colinas and one of the things I miss most is my barre studio!  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE our house, but there are days when I miss the old neighborhood.  

Pregnant mamas, or mamas in general - how did you stay active during your pregnancy?

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