25 February 2019

Amazon Lately

I love Amazon.  We have been Amazon Prime members for a long time. Knowing that something I need (or want) will be here in 2 days and will save me a trip to the store after work?  That my friend, is priceless.  So what have I loved from Amazon lately?

We watched Won't You Be My Neighbor this weekend and I've had the Mr. Rogers theme song stuck in my head ever since.  And then, seeing as how I'll have a small child in the near future, I wanted to know if episodes were available and they are!  You can get episodes of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood on Amazon Prime!  Happy watching, y'all!

This book came as a recommendation from a Facebook group I'm in.  I'm very hopefully that Baby Fisher will naturally be a great sleeper, but just in case, I plan on reading Happy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.


There was a 40% off coupon for this formula over the weekend.  You were limited to one coupon use per Amazon account, so I bought some, Mr. Fisher bought some, my mom bought some, and my sister bought some.  We have plenty of formula! 


I had purchased some oranges from the market and then realized I didn't have a citrus peeler.  I tried with my fingers (I was at work) and it was hard and time consuming so I immediately hopped onto Amazon and ordered some! 

Oh I was craving these!  Have you tried these yet?  I keep them at work in case I need a snack in the afternoon.  Individually wrapper, they're portable so I stick one in my bag if I'm out of my office for meetings.  There are several flavors, but the Peanut Butter and Almond Butter ones are my favorite. 
I love these tabs for my bible!  They give it brightness and also makes it easy to find books.  I mean, I know where Genesis and Exodus are, but I was looking for Judges the other day since The Bible Binge was referencing it and I figured it was somewhere in the middle.  The tabs made it super easy to follow. 
Any fun Amazon finds for you lately?

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