19 February 2019

A Day in the Life - Monday Edition!

A Day in the Life posts are some of my favorites - to both read and write!  I haven't done one in a while and thought a random Monday would be a good choice.

5am - my alarm goes off.  I lounged in bed for a bit and then got out of bed at 5:14 to start the day.

After eye drops and morning medication (for me), I got breakfast for the three kitties.  They know when I get up that breakfast is not far behind.

Cat food for the kits and coffee for Mr. Fisher and me.  Being pregnant, I allow myself 1 cup of coffee per day and I usually drink it first thing in the morning.

Coffee made, it was time to make lunch.  Mr. Fisher packs his own - yesterday he took leftovers.  I made myself a salad - spinach, chicken, chopped dates, goat cheese, croutons, and honey mustard dressing.  

Lunch made, I took my coffee into my office to plan out my week in my planner.  All of my work engagements are on my Outlook calendar which syncs to my phone.  Personal stuff goes in my Simplified Planner.

I packed up some Poshmark stuff.  Mr. Fisher was heading out for work, so I said goodbye to him and then made myself breakfast.  An English muffin with a little butter and raspberry jam.

I ate breakfast and finished my coffee in my office while catching up on some articles I had saved.

This guy joined me for a minute.  He is one month away from turning 14!  I can't believe my grumpy old man is really a grumpy old man now.

6:30am - Breakfast was done and it was time to get ready for the work day.

Out the door and I stopped at Sonic for a diet cherry limeade.  My current #pregnancycraving

Popped into the Post Office quickly to mail the Poshmark stuff and then listened to a podcast while on my way to the office.

I made it to the office a couple of minutes before 8am and ran into the building.  It was cold and I had forgotten my coat in the office last week #texasweatherproblems

At my desk and settled, I spent most of the morning on HR stuff.  Reviewing postings for our area and pulling together interview stuff for two candidates we have coming to campus this week.

12pm - I had someone in for an interview for a different position in my area.  Got that done and quickly ate my salad.

1pm - Off to budget training for the rest of the day!  Riveting, I know.

Training got out a little early, so I got home a little after 5 instead of my usual 5:30ish.  I sat down and watched a little tv before starting dinner.

I started to prep dinner - one of our faves.  

Mr. Fisher got held up at work, so I didn't finish dinner until a little later.  Fortunately, all I had to do was make the pasta as everything else was done.

Reading The Shell Seekers and sipping hot chocolate was a great way to wind down the day.

I read for about an hour and then it was lights out at 9:30!  No day at work is typical, so I can't say this was a typical Monday, but there was nothing super crazy, so it was a good Monday, ha!

Thanks for following along with my day!

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