25 January 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Y'all, this is my first Friday Favorites post in months!  I know I said it on Monday, but I've missed blogging.  I needed the break though.  I am so happy to be back.

Since it's been awhile, I thought I'd start back with my FAVORITES from Amazon lately.  Who doesn't love a good Amazon deal, right?

 We have one of these for every tv in our house.  Seriously.  We recently cut the cord and got rid of cable and use Hulu Live instead.  We're saving close to $100 a month by doing this and Hulu Live has all the tv channels we watch, including live, local tv.  We have smart tvs, but found that using Hulu through the Firestick streamed better.

We drink a lot of coffee in our house.  Mr. Fisher and I limit ourselves to one cup fully caffeinated.  I then switch to decaf and he uses decaf or half-caf.  Given how much use it gets, these pods help keep residue from building up.  I use one once a week to help keep it running great.  This does not take the place of descaling, so make sure you still take care of that!

Do you have cats?  Do they like catnip?  If they do, you have to grab some of the Yeowww! catnip items.  We have the super popular banana and I recently snagged these.  My resident nip-head, Kate, LOVES them.  All the cats like to play with these and love catnip, but I think it's Kate's all time favorite thing in the world. 

I love order and organization and I also have cats who like to knock things over, so this little thing solves two problems in one.  I love it.  I like having one place to keep all pieces together, iPhone, Apple Watch, Airpods.  There's a silver version as well. 

If I had a dollar for everytime Mr. Fisher asked, are these clean or dirty or I mistakenly put a dirty spoon in the clean dishwasher, I'd have a nice little pile of cash.  This little magnet has been so helpful.  When I start the dishwasher I slide the magnet over to Clean.  It stays on Clean until myself or Mr. F opens the dishwasher to take stuff out and then we slide ot back over to Dirty.

I know I've posted about this item before, but I love it so much that I ordered a second one for my desk at work!  It keeps my coffee or tea hot for as long as I need it to.  You know it's good if I had to have one for work too!

What have you been finding at Amazon lately?  Share in the comments!

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