02 July 2018

Life Lately

As you may have been able to tell by my extended absence from blogging, life lately has been a little hectic.  Mainly due to work.  Crazy times at the office meant that when the weekend would come around, I had no energy to pour into blogging.  Things have started to even out a bit though and I have had a little more time on weekends and I miss connecting with you all!  Thank you for your patience with me.

Here's a peek into what's been going on the past few weeks.

This top y'all.  It is part of the gibson x hi sugarplum collection at Nordstrom and every bit of it is good.  This top alone is a stand out and this tank is my favorite!  I'm debating the striped version to add to the blue already in my closet. 
Why the dress up?  For her birthday, I brought my mom to Dallas so we could go to the Maroon 5 concert.  She has been wanting to see them for awhile (me too!) and since this was a milestone birthday for her, a girls weekend was in order.  We had a blast!!!
This book is on my nightstand currently and it is fascinating!  Such a great read.  And it's nonfiction.
 It feels like peak dress season here lately.  It's so dang hot that shorts and dresses are pretty much all you want to wear.  Since I can't wear shorts to work, dresses it is!  And there are some pretty ones out there right now, like this gorgeous cotton embroidered dress from Loft.  It's a midi length which I LOVE.  Elasticized waist gives the dress shape and the stripes and embroidery add interest.
Oh this new top!  It was part of the recent release and I LOVE it.  The rick rack trim on the ruffled sleeves is too cute.  I paired it with an engravable necklace and the Effie drops for a casual Friday outfit. 

Is anyone else out there on board with the kimono trend?  This one is from Target and it's my new favorite thing to wear.  We had a family party to go to and easy peasy, I slipped it on over a plain black tank and cut off shorts.  They're so light that even in this Texas heat it doesn't add much by way of extra weight.

This family party was where I played Cards Against Humanity for the first time.  Oh my stars, I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time.  My stomach hurt the next day from laughing so much.

I mentioned some new Stella & Dot releases earlier and these silver Georgia hoops were part of that release.  I have worn these at least twice a week the last three weeks.  

Another Stella & Dot fave that's been on repeat?  The Luxe studs.  These are the perfect summer earring. These are the perfect earring to add a pop of color with shorts and a tank top.  I wear them around town all the time - errands, barre class, work - I have all three colors and I just love them.
Is anyone else watching the Great British Baking Show?  Mr. Fisher and I love this show.  We also love Top Chef, but we love how everyone on this show just wants everyone else to do well and they feel bad when others don't.  It's not as cutthroat as Top Chef and it's a nice feel good show for a Friday night.

This goofy girl.  I was having a bit of granola with cashew milk and she knows the sound of a spoon hitting a mug or a bowl.  She was ready.  She perched herself on that table and waited until I was done.  And then she enjoyed her bit of milk.

Have I mentioned it's been hot in Texas lately?

So early morning barre hasn't happened, but I've been getting there every other Sunday and on Tuesday nights.  I've really tried to hit all my workouts.  I really missed my Pure Barre Las Colinas fam!  I've been mixing in treadmill runs (I DO NOT run outside in Texas in the summer), Beachbody workouts, and some Barre workouts at home.

I've also increased my water intake to over 100oz per day.  Those workouts, plus the water, and an increased focus on my nutrition means I've lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks.  I've got another post on that coming up later this week, but I've been feeling really good these last couple of weeks.

That's what we've been up to.  How have you all been?

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