19 July 2018

Life Lately and More Nordstrom Faves

It has been a whirlwind few days around here.  We drove down to Galveston for the weekend and then after we got home Sunday, I had to drive down to Austin on Monday for a meeting on Tuesday, driving back to Dallas Tuesday night.  It was a lot of car time, but heading to Galveston was worth it!

Don't forget, the Nordstrom Sale is still on!  I've got all my favorites in last week's post. I'll also link some of my home decor favorites at the end of this post.  Before we get to the shopping though, here is a peek at what we've been up to lately!

 The weekend after July 4th, I made a quick trip home to Rhode Island.  I packed a little suitcase, threw some books and necessities in my favorite travel bag, and headed out.  

I had a layover in Charlotte which means I was able to have Bojangles for dinner.  Y'all, I hardly ever eat fast food.  We only eat out once a week so why would we waste it on fast food?  But Bojangles is a treat and since I only layover in Charlotte every two to three years, I figured I could indulge.  And it was WORTH IT.  They for real have the BEST biscuits.

I spent Friday with this girl!  My sweet niece had NO IDEA I was coming home to visit.  My sister and I did a good job of covering.  So much so that when she saw me Friday morning, after her initial squeals and hugs at finding Auntie in her house, she said, "You tricked me!"  Ha!  Yes, my darling girl, I did.  We had some one on one time on Friday so we got our nails done, had lunch, visited GiGi (my grandmother), hit up Target and Panera, and had a sleepover complete with face masks.

On Saturday we met my dad for breakfast and then because the weather was going to be gorgeous (upper 70s!!!), we hit up the zoo!  My poor niece got stung by a bee, but after the initial tears and some face painting magic, she was a trooper. 

Sunday was going to be gorgeous too, so we met up with the cousins at the BEACH.  It was perfect weather for it.  No humidity, sunny, low 80s.  We stayed for hours.  This one crashed hard in the car.  I don't think we made it to the main road and she was out. 

One last evening with this munchkin and it was back to Texas the next morning.

Work was busy and the Nordstrom Sale started.  I've got my favorites in the post from last week.
And then Stella & Dot released their new fall line! So many great things!  Like this Addy Poncho.  This will definitely be in rotation for me this fall.  I have it in black.  I wish I could wear blush, but it washes me out.  It's a shame, because it is soooo pretty.


I started book 20/30 in my 2018 reading challenge.  I just started it, but I am already fascinated. If you liked The Crown you will love this one
 Friday we hopped in the car around lunchtime and started the drive to Galveston.  We were meeting up with Mr. Fisher's aunt and uncle, cousin, his cousin's wife, and their twin baby girls.  I love this dress for travel.  Made of t-shirt material it is so comfortable and easy to wear.  
On Saturday I hung out with the cutest of the cute while Mr. Fisher...
had a GREAT day out on the water.  He has been wanting to go fishing for a while, and I'm glad he had the chance to go out on the boat with his uncle and cousin.

I had never been to Buc-ee's until this weekend.  And I can say I am a fan of the Beaver Nuggets.  They are very reminiscent of Corn Pops. #yum

And then Monday afternoon it was off to Austin for a work meeting all day Tuesday.
Like I said, it's been a whirlwind few days! 
 The Nordstrom Sale is still going on and there are still great deals to be had.  My first instinct is to always go for the clothes first.  Then I circle back to look at other stuff.  And now I have my eye on home decor.  We've been in the house since December and we have made great progress on the decor, but I still feel like some parts are a little bare or lacking in style, so I'm keeping an eye out.
Under $40, this vase would look great in the living room.  We have an entertainment console under the wall mounted tv, and this would look great there.
I have one of these and it is the coziest blanket I own.  I am seriously considering a second one.
I need a new rug for the kitchen for the area between the island and the stove.  We currently  have one from Ikea that I really like, but it has taken a beating and I'm looking to replace it with something new.  Under $25, this would be a good option.
 I love these wineglasses.  And at under $25, grab them now for holiday gifts or just to have on hand in your emergency gift stash.

 Another great gift idea is this mini candle set.  Under $20, grab a few and keep them on hand in your emergency gift stash!  
What have been your favorite finds so far?
Have a great week!  I'll be back Friday with Friday Favorites!


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