06 July 2018

Friday Favorites - Fitness and Nutrition

Hooray for Friday!  As you are reading this, I am home in Rhode Island for the weekend surprising this one:

She had no idea that Auntie was coming home for the weekend.  I got in late last night when she was already in bed.  On the docket for us today?  Manicures, lunch, and maybe a visit with GiGi (my grandmother, her great-grandmother).

Earlier this week I mentioned a renewed commitment to my health and fitness.  I've been part of a 30 day fitness challenge with Megan over at Honey We're Home.   I have been tracking with my Weight Watchers app.  And I started a new beachbody program, 2B Mindset.  The building blocks of 2B Mindset?  Water First and Veggies Most.  There are a couple more things in there, but WF and VM are what stick with me throughout the day.  I aim for over 100oz of water a day and I track what I eat, making sure I load up on veggies.  Since I already track for Weight Watchers, adding in the tracking for 2B Mindset is not hard.  I sit down at my desk in the morning with my coffee and spend 10-15 minutes planning out my day.

It's working.  I've lost 4 pounds the last two weeks.  Renewed commitment to WW and adding in 2B Mindset has been a spark for me.  What else helps?  New gear to help you with your journey.  Here are some of my favorite fitness and nutrition items that help me stay on track.

Most mornings I make a smoothie and of all the blenders I've ever had, the Vitamix is the best.  I like my smoothies smooth.  Weird textures like seeds or pulp and I'm out.  Here is my favorite smoothie recipe:

1 frozen banana
1 cup unsweetened cashew milk

Blend until smooth.  3SP for the smoothie if you don't count it as a blended beverage.  8SP if you do.  Since I sip on mine over the course of 30 minutes and it keeps me full until lunch because of my smaller stomach (thanks to bariatric surgery), I don't count it as a blended beverage.

I measure food a lot.  There are many zero point options on the Weight Watchers Freestyle program, but for non-zero point foods?  It gets measured and weighed.  I love my Taylor Digital Scale.  Under $20, mine has lasted for YEARS.

Y'all know I love my Zellas, but for barre?  The Beyond Yoga leggings are the softest, coziest leggings I've ever owned.  Flattering and comfy?  These are a winner.

First of all, this tank is $15.  $15!  I have it in three colors.  I love it.  I wear it to run, I wear it to do Beachbody workouts, I wear it to barre.  It is so comfy and flattering.  And did I mention it is $15!

I love Old Navy sports bras.  They are comfy, flattering, and hold everything where it needs to be while you are working out.  They always have fun colors and designs and they go on sale all the time.

Do not discount the good a comfortable pair of socks can do.  I have tried all different kinds of socks for running and balegas are my favorite.  They have cushion and support and come in lots of styles and colors.  

This is my favorite work out bag ever.  With a mesh pocket on the bottom to stow wet items like bathing suits from the pool or your sweaty sneakers after a work out, this gym bag is perfection.  The top portion is roomy enough for towels, a pouch with your shower supplies, a make up bag, and a change of clothes.  With easily cleanable fabric, this gym bag has it all.

What motivates you to get moving?  Do you have any fitness or nutrition goals?  Sound off in the comments!

Have a great weekend everybody!

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