12 February 2018

Life Lately

Hello from Nashville!  I'm here until Wednesday for work.  And will arrive home in time to wish Mr. Fisher a Happy Valentine's Day.  Our first as husband and wife.  He already got his gift though.  It was delivered on Saturday and I was too excited to give it to him (it was a new TV in case you're curious).  Lot's going on in the Fisher house lately...here's peek into what we've been up to.

I saw these at the market last Saturday when we did the grocery shopping and it is DELICIOUS.  So so good.  I highly recommend.  And for real, one of these days I am going to convince Mr. Fisher to do grocery pick up.  He's a little leery.  I am all for it.

And speaking of coffee...I start the FASTer Way to Fat Loss this week, which means last week I gave up my beloved sweetened creamer as part of prep week.  I swapped it out for a splash of cashew milk.  And...I'm liking it.  I may never go back to sweetened creamer.

Y'all.  I love this scarf.  It is so easy to wear and it is super soft.  The fringe detail keeps it from looking too plain and it is the prettiest dove grey color.

Kate has taken to hanging out in the shower after I'm done in the morning.  She is such a goofball.  She just goes in there and sits there.

I've got this outfit on repeat but instead of the grey flats, I swapped in leopard.  #leopardisaneutral

My back was bothering me on Wednesday and I dug out the heating pad.  When I got up to make dinner, Jack realized that it was a GREAT place to lay down.

I told you I was going to have these new gold tone pieces on repeat.  The front facing Georgia Hoops are a favorite.  I just love them.  I'm actually kind of kicking myself for not bringing them to Nashville.

This is how I felt on Thursday.  I really just wanted the week to be over.  Work has been crazy busy and by Thursday morning I just wanted to chill.  That's pretty much what this guy does all day.

top | jeans | shoes | earrings (on sale!!!)

Ah Friday - it was a jeans Friday.  Next Friday is not, we have a candidate in town for an interview, so I need to dress up.

On Saturday we had errands and a 50th anniversary party for Mr. Fisher's Aunt and Uncle.  And it was COLD.  Y'all.  I am done with winter in Texas.  For real.  I want warmer weather.  I'm done with ice and this 30 degree foolishness.

Practical Magic was on Sunday morning.  This is one of those movies that I will watch no matter what.  I just love it.  It's got great music and Sandra Bullock is one of my favorites.  And I Dianne Wiest and Stockard Channing remind me of my own Aunts (without the witchcraft of course).  

And then it was off to Nashville.  I love that we live so close to the airport.  When you don't have to actually get on the highway to get there, that is the height of convenience!

I ran a couple of errands and then promptly turned on the Olympics.  We are HUGE Olympics fans in our house and it will be on all the time between now and the closing ceremonies.  Give me ALL the Olympic things.  I still remember the first time I discovered the Olympics - it was Calgary '88.  The Winter Olympics.  I was 10 and I was hooked!

Are you all watching the Olympics?  What are your favorite events?  

Up on the blog tomorrow?  The February Style Drop from Stella & Dot!

Have a great week everyone!

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