22 January 2018

Life Lately

Weekends go by too quickly, don't they?  There wasn't anything crazy or out of the ordinary about this one, but it felt like it flew by.

Last week was crazy busy at work - Tuesday was the first day of class and we were swarmed with students.  The beginning of a new semester is always exciting, a little crazy, and very exhausting.  But I love how it's filled with promise.

Here's a peek into our life last week (including my new favorite clutch)  #sogood

 The first day of school calls for school colors, so I broke out the blue and orange!  I try to wear these colors as often as I can to work - you may have noticed I wear a significant amount of blue in my work posts.

Waffles for breakfast!  So yummy.  I've got a post coming up on Wednesday about some of my favorite protein powder recipes.  This one will be included. #sodelicious #smartpointsfriendly

I had a visitor at work this week!  Flat Stanley made the trip home with us from Rhode Island for a Texas adventure.   He is heading back to Rhode Island today.

Barre lately has been a struggle to get there.  With the illness and the tiredness that came with it, it was tough.  But I made it last week and I made it today - and need to stick to my schedule.  We're going to Orlando in May and I want to be close to goal by then.

These are my new favorite jeans.  These are the Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution Itty Bitty Bootcut jeans and they are worth every (on sale) penny.  I will say you should size down.  I'm currently a healthy size 12 and sized down to a 10 and they fit perfectly.  These jeans make your legs look AMAZING.  On Friday, I paired my new favorite jeans with my favorite poncho, my new favorite bracelets and was ready for work!

Post-run selfie.  I hadn't gone on a run in weeks.  This was definitely not a great run, I need to get back to where I was, but it felt good to get out there.

Saturday we had a bunch of errands to do and then we were taking Mr. Fisher's mom out to dinner at Brio for her birthday.  I could not wait to wear this top!  It arrived on Friday and I knew I was going to wear it on Saturday.  I paired it with my other favorite pair of jeans and fun jewelry.

What I love about this top:  it is so comfy; it looks great; you can wear it four ways - as a shrug, as a boatneck (shown), as a one shoulder, or off the shoulder.  This will be on repeat for awhile.

One of our errands was a stop at the liquor store to restock some supplies.  Y'all - why did no one tell me about Deep Eddy vodka until last week!  And they were New Englanders!  I am a fan of the Ruby Red Grapefruit, but also grabbed the Cranberry to try.

I was shocked when Mr. Fisher suggested Lava Grill for lunch.  He is not a sushi person, but it is my favorite local place for sushi.  He went with his default of chicken teriyaki and fried rice.  But I love that he suggested it knowing it's not anywhere in his top ten.  #lovemyhusband #hesthebest

Y'all.  This clutch.  As soon as the new Spring Stella & Dot collection launched, I knew I was buying this.  And I love it.  LOVE it.   

After we got back from dinner, I curled up on the couch with a book, and Jack snuggled up on our new favorite blanket.  It is SO cozy.  Because of course it is.  It's Barefoot Dreams and is made of that same super cozy material as my Circle cardigan.

 Sunday morning I had some company while I worked.  I think he's ready to go home :)

Sunday was a big football game (ahem, Patriots).  For big games, we break out the broccomole, our favorite game time snack.  Easy to make and healthier than most other dips, we love this in our house.

Love my Patriots!  #iloveTB12

That was a peek into our week!  Who is ready for the Super Bowl!!!  Make it a great week y'all!

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