19 January 2018

Friday Favorites - Valentine's Day Gifts

Who else is excited for Friday!  #raiseallthehands

The first week of class can be crazy, but I finally was able to get my travel squared away for a trip in February.  I get back from Nashville on February 14, which got me thinking about Valentine's Day and then I realized how close it is.  We probably won't celebrate until the weekend and I'm pretty sure we're going to The Keg.

During lunch today, I started browsing for gifts and here are my favorites that I found.

Mr. Fisher has been making noises about needing a nice silver watch.  He has a beautiful black Michael Kors watch and a few other nice pieces, but he doesn't have a silver one.  This Fossil one is sharp and at a nice price point.  And a watch is almost always a good gift.

He is also a fan of sunglasses.  And I mean huge fan.  He must have 10 pairs, but they're all in the $15-$20 range.  A pair of good sunglasses could be a good gift.  These Ray Bans are a style I know he likes, so they're definitely an option.

Another item he has had on his wishlist is a new backpack.  We don't travel frequently, but we travel enough.  Everytime we start packing for a trip, he says "I really need a new backpack".  SwissGear to the rescue!  He might get this one for Valentine's Day.

And there's always cologne.  Is there anything better than a fantastic smelling guy?  So swoonworthy.  The first time I bought Mr. Fisher cologne, I stood in Sephora and smelled pretty much every men's fragrance in the store.  And I LOVED this one, L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent.  Heavenly.  Other favorites are At the Barber by Replica, Bleu de Chanel, and Montblanc Legend

One of our goals as a couple is to stay active.  Which we try to do by running together on weekends and running 5Ks.  We can be a wee bit competitive.  I would not however, be so competitive that I would buy him terrible running shoes.  We are both huge fans of the Brooks running shoes.  These are the Beast 16 Running Shoes by Brooks.   We try to replace our shoes every year.  #saveyourjoints #noshinsplints

What are your favorite gifts to give for Valentine's Day?  Or do you skip gifts?  Sound off in the comments!

Have a great weekend y'all!

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