20 December 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Well hello friends!  Welcome to the LAST What's Up Wednesday for 2017!  Can you even believe it?  2018 is right around the corner and I cannot wait for all that is in store.  But before we get to 2018, let's close out 2017, shall we?

What We're Eating This Week

Now that we're all unpacked and settled in the house, we are getting back into our normal routine, finally.
Monday - Pesto Pasta Salad (a favorite meal around here) 
Tuesday - Fish and roasted broccoli
Wednesday - Chicken with cauliflower rice and veggies
Thursday - Soup
Friday - Dinner at Mr. Fisher's parents' house
Saturday - no idea yet
Sunday - Christmas Eve!  I'm making my grandfather's antipasto and I am so excited

What I'm Reminiscing About

This time last year we were getting ready to head home for Christmas in Rhode Island.  It was so fun to spend a week with this Little Miss.  She was sad when I had to break the news to her that we wouldn't be home for Christmas this year.  Hopefully next Christmas!

What I'm Loving

Glossier's Boy Brow is a current fave.  It has never been so quick and easy to do my brows before and they've never looked better. 

And this cozy Snowbird sweater from Loft/Lou & Grey is perfect for winter.  In a gorgeous winter white, you will want to have this one on repeat.  I wore it Saturday and I'm debating if I can get away with wearing it to work tomorrow.  AND!!!  It's 50% off right now with the code: WRAPITUP

What We've Been Up To

Nothing much...just a little thing called moving into a new house.   

I dedicated a whole post to the new house.  We are just so thrilled to be all moved in.  We love love love our new home.

What I'm Dreading

The next three days at work.  It is going to be tough getting through them to get to winter break and 10 days off!

What I'm Working On

My goals for 2018.  I've been contemplating those lately and trying to figure out how I am hoping my year looks next year and what I would like to accomplish.  I've also got a Stella & Dot trunk show coming up on 12/28.  So I've been planning for that.

What I'm Excited About

New Year's Eve!  I don't know where we're going or what we're doing, but I have a super cute dress:

And have I mentioned we're going to the Cotton Bowl!!!  USC vs Ohio State baby!  And we are going to be there!
What I'm Watching/Reading 

I've been a little behind in my reading and tv watching.  We've just been so busy with the packing and unpacking that other than college football, NFL, and ID Network for background noise, I haven't been watching much except...

Mr. Fisher and I LOVE this show.  This time it's in Denver which is a place we both have been (and where he lived for a bit), so the setting is exciting for us and we're really liking this crop of chefs so far.

As for reading, I've been lax there but I recently picked up an old favorite to re-read:

Death on the Nile is one of my all time favorite Agatha Christie books.

What I'm Listening To

All the Christmas music.  A current favorite in our house are the two Pentatonix albums.


 What I'm Wearing

I am loving all the sweater and jeans from Loft.  They are killing it lately.   

 These ombre jeans?  Wearing these this weekend.  Bonus?  They're 50% off (as is everything at LOFT today).  Use the code: WRAPITUP

 I'm going to pair them with this gold lurex J. Crew Factory sweater for a festive Christmas Eve outfit.

Another 50% off option: I'm thinking I might wear this shimmer blouson sweatshirt Friday night when we go to Mr. Fisher's parents' house.  Lots of kids calls for something cute but comfy.

 This velvet dot midi skirt from J. Crew Factory is for Christmas Day!  And I cannot wait.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Some of the usual - grocery shopping, Weight Watchers, Barre, but I also need to do some shopping and prep work for Christmas Eve on Sunday evening.  My cousin's family is coming over and I am so excited to do some of the things that were hallmarks of my childhood Christmas Eve's growing up.

  What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

A new year!  New goals, new plans, deciding on where we might want to travel.  January is an exciting month full of promise.  

What Else is New

We saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi and LOVED it.  I still really want to see Murder on the Orient Express.  I may hit that one up solo when I'm on break.  We'll see.

 Bonus Question:  Favorite Gift You've Given a Guy

A couple of years ago I gave Mr. Fisher an iFly gift card for Christmas.  iFly is an indoor skydiving facility.  You couldn't pay me a million dollars to do it, but it's on Mr. Fisher's list as a must try.

Thank you so much for coming along with me on this journey in my little corner of the internet.  I love writing and sharing the things I love with you all.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!  


Tanya said...

iFly is such a great gift idea. We gave it to the kids a few Christmases ago, and then took them that summer. They have great deals on ifly gift cards at Costco. I'm stopping by from the What's Up Wednesday link up. Have a wonderful week-before-Christmas!

Nichole Fisher said...

I'll definitely check out Costco next time I need an iFly gift card. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Tanya!

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