04 December 2017

Life Lately

Happy Monday Friends!  This time next week, we'll be living here:

But for now...we live here:

Among all the boxes

I cannot wait until we are all unpacked.  Today is our final walk through and "orientation" to the house.  Then we close on Friday!  Woohoo!

Other than all of the moving chaos, here is a peek into what we've been up to lately...

I wore this outfit on Thanksgiving and it has been on repeat ever since!  This Free People top is a little too short for me to wear with leggings, but if you're under 5'8", you can probably get away with it.  It's such a pretty fall color and easy to wear.

We went furniture shopping for items for the new house and I am happy to say that this gorgeous piece is coming to our house.  I just LOVE the print.

top | leggings (similar)

I've been able to get back to barre - yay!  Tonsilitis is gone, sinus infection is gone.  It's good to feel better. I've got several pairs of Zella leggings in my closet.  They wash and wear so well!  And they hold you in in all the right places ;)

 These two have very different thoughts on the move. Katia (top) loves having all these boxes to perch on.  She's not much of a jumper, so she needs to be able to climb to get up high.  This is her chance!  Jack (bottom) on the other hand follows me around meowing at me to voice his displeasure.

We had a new style drop last week with Stella and Dot and sooo many fun holiday options are available.  Shop them all here.  My favorite is that Metallic Taj Clutch.  #yesplease

December nights are made for hot chocolate and tv on the couch.  These Milk & Honey joggers?  My new favorite pants to wear around the house.  They are so so so comfy.  You need to get yourself a pair.

I've got my Maverick Blue on!  Work was crazy busy last week.  So much going on.  I'm kind of looking forward to Christmas Break #tendaysoffinarow #staycation

By Friday afternoon I was ready for a little break.  I usually eat lunch at my desk, but sometimes I need to get away.  I have to be "on" for my job a lot.  As an introvert, when there are so many things going on and a lot of talking and interacting, I can get drained and start to feel frazzled.  That's when I know I need some quiet, alone time.  

This weekend was our last weekend in Las Colinas.  We really loved living there.  Thirsty Lion just opened in the new Music Factory Complex so we thought we'd check it out.  

I had the shrimp tacos and I was not disappointed.  We would definitely go back again.

Sunday morning we hit up our favorite, local breakfast place one last time.

The next time I post a Life Lately post, it will be from the new neighborhood!  Make it a great week everyone!

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