17 November 2017

Five For Friday - Home for the Holidays

Oh Friday, thank goodness you are here.  It has been quite a week!  I am very much looking forward to the weekend.  How did you fare this week, my friends?

Something to look forward to that has me very excited is MOVING!  We will be in our new house by Christmas and that has me all kinds of excited about decorating for the holidays.  Phillip keeps telling me to slow my roll, but I can't help myself.  I can't wait to put up a tree and decorate!  Here are my five favorite things I've found to decorate for the holidays!

I had never heard of a tree collar before, but I am loving the look of it.  So we bought one.  The tree skirt gets bunchy and of course there's cat hair, I love the clean look of the collar and how it gives a weight to the bottom of the tree.  It's grounding and I love the look.  Crate and Barrel has some great options.  They have the silver above (the one we got) but also a galvanized version:

and a Red version:


Another fun find is this cat house

While not true holiday decor like a wreath or garlands might be, I know Katia LOVES hers.  We buy one every time there's a new one.  There have been haunted houses, gingerbread houses, barns, all depending on the season.  This winter version is too cute.


And speaking of wreaths...

How gorgeous is this one???  I want it for my front door.  It reminds me of Christmas at home with the flocking and the pinecones.  The silver and soft greens are so so pretty.


And winter and Christmas just make me want to decorate with ALL the cozy things.  Like this throw blanket.

So soft and cozy!  Picture curling up in front of the fire place with a book and hot chocolate and this cozy cozy blanket!  There is this version and a non-ruched version and it comes in several colors.  I'm quite partial to the gray.


In need of stockings?

My favorites are the ones from Pottery Barn kids.  I love a pretty stocking with a name embroidered on it.  Maybe because when I was a kid we could never remember which stocking was which, meaning we were pretty much guaranteed to fight over who got which one, ha!  These are so charming and sweet and PB kids has several lines to choose from.  We have the Woodland Stockings.  They also have Quilted versions, Velvet versions, Knit versions, and more!

How are you decorating for the holidays!  Share your ideas - I have a whole house to decorate!

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