13 November 2017

And We're Back! The Week Before the Wedding

And I'm back!  Thank you for understanding my need to take a break.  I had intended on picking back up last week with the blog, but I came back from the honeymoon with a sinus infection and was just trying to stay on track with everything #yuck #nothankyou

This week I've got posts on the week before the wedding, a Stella & Dot update (so many goodies!!!), a wedding post, and Five for Friday will be back with some holiday gift ideas!

So...the week before the wedding.  

I worked that Tuesday morning and then came home and tried to do ALL THE THINGS before my parents and siblings arrived that evening.  We finally had some cooler weather and I wanted to be comfy while I did all my errands.  This cozy cardigan from Target is one of my new faves.  Gorgeous color, fuzzy and soft, I love pulling it on over tees and jeans.

I started at the car wash.  My poor car needed it.  I splurged on the extra 10 and had them armour-all the car.  I second guessed that after I got in and discovered they had all done the mats.  My feet were sliding all over the place.  By the end of the day my knee was killing me from bracing it weird to get out of the car.

I popped into Robbins Brothers to get my ring all sparkly and shiny.  Since I was in Addison, I popped into the Galleria to try and find a nude lipstick for Saturday.  No dice.  Not one I LOVED at any rate.

I had time for lunch before I got my nails done.  Flying solo, that means I opted for sushi at one of my old favorites, Lava Grill.  Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll - still my fave!

After my nails it was time to head to the airport.  My parents and niece didn't know I was coming.  I was only supposed to pick up my brother and sister-in-law since they were arriving in a different terminal, but I had time and the look on Rayla's face when she saw me waiting was worth it.

Side note - this was the quickest I have ever seen luggage get to the baggage claim at DFW.  I had already collected everyone's luggage and they hadn't even gotten to baggage claim yet.  #thatneverhappens #DFWistheslowest

On Wednesday, this little chica turned 5!  And we drove the 90 minutes to Waco to see Magnolia Silos.  Wednesday morning is the time to go, y'all.  We had zero wait for anything: bakery, store, food trucks, games, bathrooms.  It was such a gorgeous day.

We popped into the bakery (see - no line).  And it was so charming.  Rayla had a shirt on that said "It's My Birthday Today" and they all sang happy birthday to her.

I went with the campfire cupcake and it is exactly what you think it is #smores

It was delicious.  My sister and my mom had the strawberry cupcake and they loved it.  My stepfather had the lemon/lavender cupcake and he loved that one.  In other words, all the flavors are good.

top (similar) | wide leg crops | wedges (similar) | earrings

I wanted to give you a clearer shot of the jeans (pardon my terrible mirror - I can't wait to move).  I am loving these wide leg crops from Loft.  They are so soft and the wide leg is so on trend right now.  

Wednesday night we celebrated Rayla's birthday with dinner at The Keg - a favorite of my parents that we go to every time they are in town.  It's a great steakhouse, and yet, I don't eat steak.  Ha!  I always order something else.  This time I had the french onion soup and the wedge salad.

Thursday we hit up the Stockyards! Katie got her barbecue fix.  She and my brother bought all the jerky, and we got to see the cattle drive.  

We took my family on a tour of our almost finished house.  After only seeing pictures and video clips, it was fun to show them in person how it's all come together.

sweater | jeans | arabesque pendant | sandals

Showing the house and then going to dinner, I wanted to be casual but put together and I am loving this button neck sweater from J. Crew.  It comes in blue and red, but when have I ever turned down the navy blue option?  I went with the small-medium size and it fits perfectly.

top | skirt (similar) | shoes | necklace

Friday we got manicures and pedicures, did some final errands and then it was on to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!

Dinner was so so good.

We had the dinner at Via Real in Irving and they did such an amazing job.  Incredible food and service.  And bottomless margaritas #yesplease

It was such a great week leading up to the wedding as our family and friends started to arrive.  Tomorrow is a Stella & Dot post and then Wednesday is all about the wedding!

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