01 September 2017

Five For Friday - Barre/Athleisure Wear

This has been quite a week y'all.  Texas is my adopted home and my heart aches for Houston.  On Wednesday's post I linked to several places to help out, if you can please donate.  They were hit so hard.  We in Dallas were fortunate enough to escape the rain, but now there's a run on gas, so our goal is to only drive when we have to until the panic subsides.

Since it looks like we'll be relaxing at home most of the weekend, my mind is on athleisure and my comfiest leggings.  I thought for this week's Five for Friday I would highlight my current faves.  Most of them double as great leggings for barre or yoga and there's nothing better than new workout clothes to get you in the right mindset to work out!

These red Zella crop leggings have been my new favorites since the anniversary sale.  I wear them once a week and they are in constant rotation.  It's a gorgeous red and they are so comfortable.  And, it sucks everything in.  The red is no longer available, but I've linked another color  You can't go wrong with these and the price point is pretty sweet too.

Since we're talking about Zella leggings, I would be remiss if I didn't mention my other favorite pair - the live in leggings in black.  They lift and hold you in in all the right places and look good with everything.  And again, for a great pair of leggings, they are at a nice price point compared to some other pricier brands.

I love a high neck tank.  All these workouts have left me with some nice shoulders and I'll admit I like to show them off.  The cut of these high neck tanks are perfect. And...you can get them at Old Navy.

Every once in a while I like to splurge on a pricier pair of leggings and I love my Alo leggings.  If you stalk them long enough you can usually find them at a good price on Amazon.  These white printed ones are so pretty.

I'm not one to wear leggings out and about without being on my way to workout or after a workout.  That's when I grab these modern boho pants.  Oh they are so soft and comfy.  I love these pants. I wish I could figure out a way to wear them to work.

Have a great weekend y'all - I know I'm ready for College Football!

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