09 August 2017

Workin' It Wednesday: Gearing Up for Back to School

We are halfway through the week!   This Wednesday I'm linking up with Shay and Erika for Workin' It Wednesdays.  This month's topic?  Gearing up for back to school!

Now, I know you're thinking "wait a minute, she doesn't have kids".  Yes, this is true, but I work in education, so mentally for me, January 1 is not the beginning of a new year, labor day is.  I consider January to be the middle of the year #academicproblems

To get ready for a new school year, I get myself a new planner.  For the past couple of years I have used a Passion Planner, which I loved.  But I wanted to try something new and this year I am trying The Simplified Planner and I didn't think it was possible, but I love it more than the Passion Planner #Iknow

I just feel that the set up and the layout works better for what I use it for than the Passion Planner.  And I love having a pager per day.  With the Passion Planner I had to do a lot of the customization myself, and with the Simplified Planner, everything I was customizing is already in there.

I also buy some new school clothes, ha!  Phillip is laughing at me as he is reading this since I really don't need a reason to buy new clothes.  I did find two very cute pieces in the Nordstrom Sale that I am excited to wear.

I cannot wait to break out this Halogen Scallop Edge Sweater.  I love the detailing on it and it is so so soft.  It comes in seven colors and I am tempted to snag another.

I also purchased this Halogen Pleat Midi Skirt.  I fell in love with it when I first saw it in the catalog and loved it even more when it arrived in the mail.  It's a pretty grey and it pairs so well with that yellow sweater.

With that, my new school outfit is complete.  I remember as a child, shopping for back to school clothes.  The clothes were always for fall, so think sweaters and corduroy skirts and cable knit tights.  We would go to Sears or Jordan Marsh or Cherry & Webb.  And then I always wanted to wear that outfit the first day.  Always.  And I would swelter because it was still summer warm and in Rhode Island, the schools didn't have air conditioning, but I was determined to wear my favorite outfit that first day.  I have some school photos socked away.  This time next year we'll be in the new house and I'll have access to my old photos.  I'll have to show you a few from that period. 

With summer winding down we are back to normal work hours and I am settling into my regular routine, which feels nice.  I spent a few hours last weekend getting my planner all set up and appointments and such scheduled in for the first few months.  I use the planner to track non-work stuff, as work items are in my Outlook Calendar on my phone.  Important things like the Board of Trustees meetings or Commencement go on both, but general working hour items stay on the work calendar.  

I also take this time to review my own personal schedule - when do I want to go to barre?  what books do I have to line up to read?  are there any 5Ks we want to run in the fall?  I try to get those things blocked out in my planner and also on our household calendar.  With the wedding coming up, I don't have much travel planned for the fall, but usually work trips and big events go on the house calendar along with birthdays and such.

And that's how I gear up for a new school year, along with a few new school supplies.  #icanthelpit #iloveschoolsupplies

I'll be back Friday for Friday Favorites!

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