11 August 2017

Friday Favorites - Favorite Books So Far

Oh I'm glad it's Friday, aren't you?  We have a low key weekend planned and I am so looking forward to it.  I really need to work on some wedding details and I plan to check a few things off my list.
But before we get to the weekend, let's get through Friday first.  I am about halfway through my Goodreads Book Challenge.  I am on book 24 of 50.  I don't know if I'll get to 50 by December 31, but I've already surpassed the number of books I read last year.  I thought for this week's Friday Favorites I would highlight some of my favorites so far.
Oh how I loved Crazy Rich Asians.  I started it over a year ago but didn't make much headway.  I picked up again about a week ago and could not put it down.  There are characters you will love, characters you will dislike, characters you root for, and it's just a fun, beachy, summer read.  Perfect to read while lounging by the pool.

Daughter of Empire is a great read if you are a history buff, royals watcher, or any combination of the two.  Pamela Hicks is the daughter of the last British Viceroy in India.  She spends several years in the country as her father worked to hand over control of the country from Britain back to India.  It is a fascinating read, particularly that section of the book.

Notorious RBG had me falling in love with Ruth Bader Ginsburg more and more every time I turned the page.  Did you know she has a particular jabot (the collar she wears with her robe) specifically for when she dissents?  And the stories of her and her husband?  It is a fascinating read about an amazing woman.

I recently started Madam President and I cannot. put. it. down.  So so good.  You may recognize Nicolle Wallace if you watch the Today Show.  She's a political commentator.  I picked this one up to read not realizing this is the third book in a series.  While I definitely plan to go back and read the other two, I feel like you don't necessarily have to read them in order to get into this one.   I started it a couple of days ago and I am already 2/3 of the way through. 

I have been an Eddie Izzard fan for years.  Years!  I've seen him live three times and he's just better each time.  I happened to be strolling through the airport and spotted this and bought it to read on the plane (I'm a sucker for an airport bookstore).  It totally reads in his voice, and if you've seen him live or seen any of his clips (I've posted one below), you know he has a distinctive voice and manner of speaking - all words and fast pacing and jumping from one thing to the next and then back to the first.  You can hear it through the writing.  A must read for any fan.

What have been your favorite reads so far this year?  I'm always looking for recommendations!

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