29 August 2017

Adventures in House Building

Y'all.  The progress on the house - I can't even describe it.  Don't forget, a few short weeks ago, we were here:

And here:

A couple of weeks ago we went by and all the drywall was up, but then we went by the next weekend and there didn't seem to be anything done. #sadtrombone

Well we were in for a shock when we pulled up this past weekend and saw this!

Hooray for garage doors!!!  They aren't stained yet, but woohoo, it was nice to pull up outside and see that.  Especially after a week of not seeing much of a difference.  But wait, there's more!

They put in the cabinets!  This is the little "mudroom" area just off the garage.  They'll install hooks on that shelf. I was still inspecting that when Phillip called from the living room - wait til you see what else. 

Ta da!  The railings were in too!  I was thrilled at that point and never imagined what I would see when I turned the corner.

The kitchen is starting to look like a kitchen!  The cabinets aren't stained, but at least they're in. We were completely surprised to see that these had been done.

This is the other part of the kitchen.  The refrigerator will go there (and it's just the angle, a regular size refrigerator is going in).

We went through the whole house and all the cabinets are in - including the bathrooms.  It is really starting to look like a house now!  We are so so thrilled with how it is all coming along.

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