12 July 2017

Workin' It Wednesday - Weekend Life

Hello and Happy Wednesday!  Are we already at Wednesday?  These weeks are just flying by.  We are about 3.5 months away from the wedding and 5 months from moving into the house.  I can't even wrap my head around how quickly the weeks are just speeding by.
So here we are at Wednesday and it is a Workin' It Wednesday - this month's topic is weekend life.  Apart from the weekends where we might travel (maybe 4 weekends a year), our weekends fall into the same pattern.  We start with Friday Night.  Friday nights in our house are Turkey Burger Nights.  We'll rotate through Southwestern Burgers, Caprese Burgers (our personal fave), and Jalapeno Cheddar Burgers.  I generally go bunless.  Phillip opts for a sandwich thin.  A lot of people do Taco Tuesday, we do Turkey Burger Friday. 

Saturday we usually start with a workout - 99% of the time it's a run.  In the summer, it's on the treadmill.  When it's not summer, we'll run outdoors. 

Some weekends we'll do a 5K - but we avoid them in the summer.  I don't well in the very hot temps.  After we workout I head off to Weight Watchers and Phillip usually does some work at home while I'm there.

cardigan | pants | tee | shoes (similar) | rebel pendant
A Saturday outfit might look like this.  Something comfy cozy but put together.

Or something like this.  Saturday mornings are for Target runs and grocery shopping so comfort is key. 

Lately we have taken to dropping by the house on the weekend to check out progress.  They are currently finishing the framing/wrapping!  the roof goes on next!  This is so exciting.  It's hard to believe that five months from now we will be in our house!

top (similar) | necklace | ear climbers
Saturday night is date night.  It's usually the one night per week that we go out for dinner. 

Ah the life of a blogger.  He loves trying to photobomb.  When we do go out to dinner, I like to get dressed up a bit.  Something that's not casual and not work clothes.  We go to dinner and occasionally a movie.  Sometimes we come home after dinner to play cards or games.  Once in awhile we break out the wii.  We can be a wee bit competitive.

tank (similar) | leggings
Sunday mornings I go to a barre class.  Phillip will usually go for a solo run.  Sometimes I'll join him, but many times I don't - ha!

Sunday is when I bake.  I used to bake every week, but I've been trying to wean the staff off of expecting something every Monday.  I've cut it back to 1-2 times per month.  Sometimes it's cake truffles, sometimes bundt cake.  I love the chance to bake and they love that I share it with them.  Everyone wins.

Sunday is when I will do prep and planning for Stella & Dot - if I have any trunk shows or follow up to do with customers.

Sunday is also when I prep the blog for the week. I plan out posts and get them started.  I also do any homework assignments I might have for school.  Phillip is usually working on a project for work while I'm doing this.

On Sunday nights one of us will cook dinner.  It's usually a more labor intensive recipe than what we do during the week.

And then we relax.  Maybe a glass of wine, maybe football (depending on the season), maybe Game of Thrones if that's back on the air.  It's a nice bit of quiet time.
And that is how we weekend!  Do you all have a weekend routine?  Sound off below in the comments.

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