19 July 2017

Our house, is a very, very fine house (so far)

Hello from Austin!  I am here for work the rest of this week.  This is my last big bit of travel until the wedding and I am looking forward to being close to home for the next few months.  Especially since they are making progress on the house and Phillip and I stop by pretty much every weekend.  Here's where the progress so far!

This is where we started back in February.  Woohoo!  We decided we were going to build.  We never imagined that's what we would be doing at that point, but we jumped in and haven't looked back.

And then we waited.  And waited.  It took forever and unbeknownst to us there was a hold up behind the scenes and they needed to call in the designer.  It got resolved and it's been full steam ahead since then.  According to the builder that delay with the designer wouldn't have an effect on our anticipated completion date.  #whew #webasicallywanttomoveintomorrow #wecantwait

And then we had a slab!  This was the point where we could really start to see our house begin to take shape.  It was still kind of amorphous and we could hazard a guess where most things would be.  But it was more progress and things were happening.

Framing!  Woohoo!  We had a clearly defined entry and garage, we got a better sense of the size and layout of the back and side yards and how the layout looked with "walls".  It's odd, the house felt smaller.  When it's just the frame your depth perception gets distorted and it was hard to get a good feel for the size of the rooms.

After the framing was complete, they started wrapping the house.  This helped us get a better sense of the feel of the rooms.  The house really started to look like a house at this point.  We had a ton of rain those couple of weeks and it was always a bit of an obstacle course to get into the house to wander around.

Here's where we are at now!  Extra framing wood is gone, windows are in, roof is going on!  On the inside, electric and plumbing are being wired.  Boxes for light switches and outlets are being installed.  The tubs have been delivered and installed as has the shower!

Here's a peek inside.  This is the guest room.  I am not a huge fan of those orange slice windows, but what can you do.  And it's not just on our house, in general it's a design choice that I just am not keen on.  I find the options to shade/curtain them to be lacking and it never looks good in my opinion.  We'll see what we come up with.  I will say that this house has tons of windows allowing for lots of natural light and I LOVE it.

This is the second bedroom.  It's a great size with good closet space for that size room.  There is a shared bathroom between the guest room and this bedroom.

This is going to be my office.  Hooray for a window seat.  Jack and Kate are going to love that.  This was originally going to be a formal dining room with a pass through to the kitchen.  We are not huge entertainers, so it would have been wasted space.  It will definitely get better use as an office.  And then we get extra counter space and cabinets in the kitchen because that walkthrough is closed up.

This is the kitchen!  That back nook is where our new kitchen table/benches will go.  That on the left is going to be the island.  To the right is where the living room is going to be.  That back wall is basically all windows, and the light is amazing.  Our gas fireplace is also in!

Here is the master!  Another one of those orange slice windows and a peek into the master bath.  Our bed will basically go right under that orange slice window.

Hello master bath.  The his and hers counters will go on either side of the tub.  I'm interested to see how this is all going to work out storage wise.  Right now in our bathroom we have the two sinks but in the middle there is a set of drawers which I love.  I've got two deep drawers - one for makeup and one for hair tools.  I'm trying to work out how I am going to make that work in the new bathroom.

Here is the master closet!  I have ideas y'all.  The model definitely did not make the most of the space and I plan on making the most out of this space.  Stay tuned.
Not shown - Phillip's man cave/office.  It's upstairs and is a nice open space with great light.  He's already bought a couple of things for the walls.
Y'all, we are so excited with the progress on the house.  Some of our neighbors have moved in already.  There are a number of houses in our development that are finished or very close to being finished.  The neighbors to our left have moved in.  According to Phillip they have a corgi and it has already escaped the back yard once.  
Next up - they will finish the wiring and the roof.  We'll have a quick meeting with the builder and then they will sheetrock the walls!  Yay!!!  We are loving the progress so far and we cannot be more excited with how it is all coming together.

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