05 July 2017

Life Lately

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th holiday.  Ours was very low key, but very relaxing which is exactly how we like it.  This summer has been kicking my butt and I've been traveling or super busy most weekends and the summer hours at work are killing me during the week which means, I'm exhausted.  My plan for Friday was to sleep in a bit, but now I have to take Kate to the vet and she needs to be dropped off between 7:30 and 9.  Sigh.  So...what have we been up to lately?

Barre.  I still love Barre.  One of my favorite workouts.  Summer hours at work and all the travel are making it hard though.  Normally I get in 3-4 classes a week.  Lately it's been more like 2.  Which I hate.  After July, I should be back to my normal schedule.

This is my new favorite lunch.  These Thai veggie burgers from Trader Joe's are 4SP each and the sauce is 1SP for a tablespoon.  I will pair it with some leftover veggies or fruit for a very Weight Watchers friendly lunch.  And...the burgers are individually wrapped which makes packing them in my lunch bag easy.  #winning

Y'all.  Last week I did the impossible - I went into Target and I spent less than $5.00.  I didn't know that was a possibility.  

dress | shoes | essential fringe necklace | hammered hoops

Last Friday I had an appointment on my day off.  I love the dress, but I wanted a little more coverage for the meeting so I topped it with a white jacket and it worked perfectly.

jacket | dress | shoes | essential fringe necklace | hammered hoops

The jacket makes it professional without the stiffness of a suit.  I love how it all came together.

After my meeting we relaxed on the couch for a bit.  She's been a little off her game lately and yesterday we noticed a lump at the base of her tail.  I'm taking her in to be seen on Friday and I hope everything is okay with my goofy girl.

When I can't get to barre, I try to get some kind of workout in.  On Friday I managed to get in a 21 Day Fix workout.  I've been doing these workouts for 2 years and I still enjoy them.

I snagged a couple of these while grocery shopping on Saturday.  I had a new recipe I wanted to try on July 4th.

These two.  Jack was just wanting to be snuggly and hopped up on the night stand.  That is normally Kate's perch when we go to bed and you can see her reaction to Jack stealing her spot.

tee | shorts (similar) | shoes | on the mark necklace

On Sunday we were off to Canton!  Canton is home to First Monday Trade Days, the largest flea market in the US.  We were on the hunt for things for the house.  There are all kinds of things - antiques, refurbished items, handmade things, food, furniture, clothes, you name it.  It's enormous and fun.  And were we successful?  


Yes we were!  We found this gorgeous table for our dining nook in the kitchen.  It is the perfect size and I LOVE the design.  We also found a couple of other things to hang on the walls - a key rack and a sign for above the pantry door.

I really wanted this guy for the yard but we wandered away thinking we'd come back for it but then couldn't figure out where it was (when I say this place is large, I mean LARGE).  Oh well...maybe next time.

We had to reconfigure the office a bit to store the table.  Which means this one is in her happy place.  She loves a high perch.

I took Monday as a vacation day and spent part of it working on wedding things, like thank you notes and invitations.  A lot of that busy work is taken care of.  Still so much to do, but we're getting there.

On Monday night we hit up the Red Sox/Rangers game!  We sat in our favorite section - up high behind home plate.  Texas ball games are HOT and sitting high up in that area affords shade and a breeze.  It was actually quite comfortable up there.  The Red Sox won - yay!!!  So I was happy and Phillip was a bit miffed.

Tuesday morning - July 4th - holiday!  We wanted to start the day off on a good note.  Phillip went for a run around the lake and I opted for the treadmill.  And then I forgot my keys on the treadmill when I walked out of the gym.  Our apartment complex is one of those that requires a fob for entry to every door and I was basically stuck.  It was early on a holiday, so no one else was around to let me in and I had to wait here in the hallway until Phillip finished his run.  #atleastitwasairconditioned

romper | sandals (similar) | rebel pendant | hammered hoops

I am not normally a romper person, but this one!  Oh my gosh.  It's Lou & Grey from Loft and it is pretty much universally flattering.  So comfy and perfect for a summer holiday.  The plan was to run a few errands, make lunch, make dinner, make dessert, and watch fireworks.

ps - for those asking, this is the strapless bra I wear under all of my strapless, spaghetti strap, weird neckline tops.  It is hands down the best of the bunch.

Errand #1 - we stopped by the house.  Eeeks!  The framing is just about done.  It looks like a house now.  I want to move in tomorrow - ha!

romper | rebel pendant | parker sunglasses

Errand #2 - we had to stop at Kirkland's to pick up something I bought that was way to big for my Honda Accord.  I had to bring Phillip and the truck to get it home.  This is going in my office in the new house!  It took up the whole back seat.  I love the print though - it reminds me of summer in New England. 

Lunch was one of our favorites, Pesto Pasta Salad.  And then I made this deliciousness for dinner.  Eggplant Rollatini.  It's only 6SP for 2!!!  Phillip and I both loved it.  It's definitely going into Sunday dinner rotation.  

One of our July 4th traditions is that I make skillet brownies for dessert.  I make them in these adorable mini skillets.  Usually we have them with vanilla ice cream, but in trying to be healthier (and dairy free for me), we made banana "ice cream" instead.  We went with the chocolate peanut butter version and it was delicious, but nothing will ever compare to a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream.  

The plan after dinner and dessert was to relax and then wander out to watch the fireworks on Lake Carolyn, but we were tired.  So we opted out of the fireworks and went to sleep.  It's hard when July 4th is in the middle of the week!  Knowing I was getting up at 4:40 to go to barre on Wednesday morning, all I kept thinking was that I was never getting to bed before 11 if we went out to the fireworks.  So we skipped it.  Oh well.  Maybe next year.  Saturday, I am off to Phoenix for 5 days as the summer of travel continues...


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