07 July 2017

Friday Favorites - Podcast Round Up

Y'all, just a quick PSA before I jump into this Friday's Favorites.  It's almost here.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  This is THE SALE of the year.  You can get new Fall lines at discounted prices.  Today I am highlighting my favorites and including a couple of splurges in with the bunch.  The sale begins July 21.  You'll want to shop early because stuff sells out quickly.  If you are a Nordstrom Rewards member, you get EARLY ACCESS.  It's free to sign up - so do it!  Early Access begins July 13!  You get a whole week to shop before everyone else.  Now on with the regularly scheduled program.


You all know my love for Podcasts.  I listen to them all the time.  Every so often I'll do a round up of what I'm currently listening to, especially since I am constantly adding new ones all the time.

The Popcast with Knox and Jamie.  If you are a fan of all things pop culture this one is for you.  It drops on Wednesday morning so it is the perfect thing to get you over the midweek hump.  I have giggled out loud on more than one occasion.  It's like listening to two friends discuss movies, tv, music, and all that other pop culture goodness.

Are you a sports fan?  Have you ever watched the ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries?  Well they started a podcast and it is good.  The most recent release was on the "Yankees Suck" chant and as a Red Sox fan I was tickled.  Check this one out.

I stumbled on True Crime Garage this week and I am hooked.  I am a sucker for a true crime podcast and this one does not disappoint.  The most recent one was a two parter on the Madeleine McCann abduction.  It's not sensationalized, it's not over the top, just informative.

The one I listen to first thing in the morning is Up First by NPR.  First thing on my drive every morning I start this podcast for a quick news hit.  It's 12-15 minutes and a good way to get a handle on what's going on in the world as I start my day.

Another recent discovery is Best Case Worst Case.  A former FBI Profiler and a prosecuter take you behind the scenes.  It's almost like a real life podcast version of Law & Order.

Smartest Person in the Room runs on themes.  Every few weeks there is a new theme and the host interviews people based on the theme.  Basically, the smartest people in the room related to a certain subject.  Reality TV, Books, you name it.  It's fascinating and riveting.  I love it.

All Pro Mindset is motivational and inspirational.  Hosted by Doc (a psychologist and my college roommate) and Coach, each week sees them interviewing different "pros" - actors, athletes, lawyers, about what it takes to be successful in their given area.  Give it a listen!

And that's what's in my podcast queue - what are you all listening to?  Sound off in the comments!  I am off to Phoenix tomorrow - have a great weekend y'all!


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