30 June 2017

Friday Favorites - Skincare at 40

The last day of June and a holiday weekend!  I am so excited.  Welcome to Friday Favorites, y'all.  Every Friday I recap my favorites.  Sometimes there's a theme, sometimes there isn't.  This week is a theme week!

Over the last few years I have really upped my skincare regime.  I've started getting facials and I'm trying to combat (minimally) some the effects of aging.  Now, I don't mind a few crow's feet or laugh lines.  However the texture of my skin is changing, it's not as smooth as it once was and that makes me not so happy.  Since I've recently turned 40, I've focused even more on this particular area and today I thought I'd share with you what I currently use.

This Soap & Glory face wash is what I use in the morning in the shower.  I work out in the morning so I get in the shower and I've got sweat all over my face.  I really like to start with a clean face first thing.  I picked this up at Target and I'm really liking it.

At night, I use good old Cetaphil.  I love how it's mild and non-irritating.

To take off my makeup (including mascara!) I use Garnier Micellar Water.  I used to use the Lancome makeup remover, but this is under $7 and works just as well.  I pour some onto a cotton pad and remove my eye makeup and do a light swipe over my whole face before using the Cetaphil.

This Olay Regenerist Luminous lotion is what I use daily as my moisturizer.  It's light and absorbs quickly, which I love.  I found it at Target, but you can also snag it at CVS or Walgreens.

At night I use the Beautycounter Nourishing Night Cream.  I started using it a couple of weeks ago and I'm really liking it.  It's as light as the Olay so it doesn't feel heavy or greasy.

This Ever Lavish Body Butter is the BEST.  It smells incredible and it works like magic.  I have some lines on my neck that I am not a fan of, and in just 3 uses I already see a difference.

I've also started using these Ever Biomimetic Peel Pads.  Another great find.  I like them better than the Dr. Gross Alpha Beta pads. 

I do love the Dr. Gross Glow Pads.  They give my face a nice healthy glow during the summer.

I also LOVE the Dr. Gross Glow Pads for the body.  This is hands down the BEST self tanner I have ever used.  I shower at night when I want to use them.  After I shower, I swipe the pad all over and in the morning I wake up with a nice, healthy glow. 

A few times a week I like to do a mask.  Sometimes I use those wearable fabric masks, but lately I've been reaching for this Beautycounter charcoal mask and I love it.

Those are my top skincare products for my aging skin ;)  What are some of your favorites?

Have a great weekend!


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