23 May 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday - Travelogues

Hello!  Happy Tuesday!  Welcome to Show and Tell.  This week's show and tell is about the best and worst trips you've been on.

I have to say, I have been very fortunate in my travels in that I have not really had many terrible experiences.  Only one sticks out in my memory, so let's start with that one.

In 2010, I moved from North Carolina to Texas.  My mom flew to North Carolina to make the drive with me.  The plan was to drive as far as we could that first day and get as close to Texas as possible.  The evening of that first day we started to hit some rough weather, including potential tornadoes.  The goal at that point was to just get to a place to stop for the night.  We ended up in Monroe, Louisiana at a La Quinta.  I had stayed at La Quintas before and hadn't had any problems.  This time, I was not as fortunate. 

We checked in and got to our room and the carpet was wet.  Wet to the point that we couldn't put anything down on the ground.  The cats were none too pleased and spent most of the night on the beds, chairs, and tables to avoid the floor.  The room itself was hideously damp.  We just wanted to shower and sleep and get on the road.  We each showered and then tried to sleep but everything felt damp.  Finally at 4am, my mom asked, "are you awake?"  To which I replied, "Yep."  She said, "Do you want to just go?"  So we packed up and got out of there.  When I went to check out I explained about the condition of the room, as they were very curious as to why I was checking out at 4:15am.  I explained the problems with the room and they ended up only charging us $20 for the night. 

Now, on to the fun stuff!  My favorite trips!

Let's start with my trip to Hawaii!  This was a trip I took solo.  It was a reward to myself for two things: losing 100 pounds and finishing my doctorate.  It was heavenly.  Relaxing by the pool, enjoying the beach, seeing Pearl Harbor, experiencing a luau, seeing pineapple plantations...it was all so breathtaking.  I am excited to be going back for our honeymoon and experiencing a different part of the state.  Last time I went, I stayed on Oahu at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  When we go in the Fall we'll be staying on the Big Island at the Hilton Kings Land.  #volcanoes #hewantstoseelavatubes #andaluau

Vegas!  Oh this was so much fun.  We walked everywhere!  I think one day alone we walked about 10 miles. #notanexaggerationWe explored the Strip, saw the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam, saw a Cirque show, ate some amazing food, and stayed at the lovely Hilton Elara Hotel.  If you want to stay in vegas and want to avoid the casino, stay at the Elara.  You won't have to walk through a casino to get to your hotel.  Oh, and while we were in Vegas we got engaged!  This trip will always have a special place in my heart for that reason.

Fredricksburg, TX was the first trip that Phillip and I took together after we started dating.  We stayed at a cute little bed and breakfast and on the Saturday we hiked Enchanted Rock.  We had a great weekend hiking and exploring the main street in Fredricksburg.  There are lots of great shops and restaurants, especially if you are looking for antiques or unique items for your home.

And finally - Disney!  We planned this trip from the moment my niece was born, ha!  We decided that when she turned 4 would be the ideal age for her first trip.  We had a blast!  It was fun to run through all the parks and see everything and also experience her excitement at seeing everything for the first time.  It was so much fun spending that week together in Disney.  We stayed at the Boardwalk Inn & Villas and I HIGHLY recommend it.  Having that boardwalk right there with restaurants and food carts and stuff to do on the boardwalk was great. It was also nice being able to walk to Epcot or Hollywood Studios.  One day, Grammy and Papa kept my niece and they did a character breakfast and the Magic Kingdom and the rest of us hit up Universal Studios to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  So much fun.  It really was a great trip.  I imagine, only to be topped by our honeymoon in Hawaii!

Those are my best and one worst travel story!  Come back tomorrow for info on the huge Stella & Dot Memorial Day Sale and then on Friday for Friday Favorites!


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