22 May 2017

Life Lately

Happy Monday!  Who is excited for the long weekend coming up? 

A quick housekeeping note - I'm participating in a link-up post for Show and Tell Tuesday tomorrow, which means the weekly Stella & Dot post is moved to Wednesday.  Friday will be a travel edition of Friday Favorites, all about summer travel.  And now back to you regularly scheduled post.

Last week was a doozy - I'm still recovering from Commecncement on Tuesday.  My back is still not right.  I'm hoping it heals up soon.  Here's a peek into the crazy week that was last week.

Stella and Dot has kept me busy!  Not only are we in the middle of Dot Dollars, we are also in the middle of a huge sale!  Check out the items here and come back Wednesday when I highlight my favorites from the sale.

This is what you do when you are convinced a gnat has landed in your wine...

Tuesday morning at 5:00am.  Ugh, it was early.  So early.  But every minute was worth it.  Commencement is my favorite day of the year!  The graduates are so excited and their families are so proud.  It's a long, exhausting (and at times painful) day but so so worth it.

Especially when you get grins like this!  My sweet workstudy student graduated.  Sob!  We're going to miss her.  She worked in two of my areas over the last two years and was the sweetest thing ever.  She's off to a radiology program now and we are so excited for her.  Our other workstudy is off to pursue a bachelors as well.  We are so proud of our graduates.

Can't you just feel the excitement?

And this has been my life since Tuesday.  I don't know if I lifted something wrong or it was just 16 hours on that terrible concrete floor at the Convention Center, but my back has been in agony ever since.  I haven't been to barre, I haven't been running.  Sitting for any extended amount of time hurts.  Ugh.  I'm hoping it subsides soon.

Thursday afternoon we had the tasting for the wedding menu so I stopped home after work to wait for Phillip.  I found this one curled up with shoes.  I guess she approves.

And then this one wanted equal opportunity time with me. 

top (similar) | jeans | shoes | engravable necklace | cay tote

The tasting went well!  I forgot to take pictures, of course.  We picked our entrees and tried some appetizers.  Now to make some final decisions!  I really am so thrilled with our venue.  Now that the tasting is out of the way, I can order invitations!  #soexcited #lessthansixmonthsaway #gettingmarried #soontobemrsfisher

The original plan for dinner Thursday night was salmon and brussel sprouts.  Someone was not really feeling that so we went to Mi Cocina instead.  I went with the taco salad and it was delicious!  Phillip had tacos and you know that was a good choice.

Due to the aforementioned back issues, I am limited in my activity.  Friday morning I used the treadmill to walk.  I kept it at a brisk pace and every 30 seconds would bump up the incline.  I got up to 8, came back down and went back up again.  I definitely worked up a good sweat.

top | jeans | shoes (similar) | trove bracelets | hammered hoop earrings

Friday was my first Friday off for summer hours and I had PLANS.  First stop - a pedicure.  Then I met my friend Carey for lunch at Lazy Dogs in Euless.  Oh it was so delicious.  I had the blackened chicken bowl and it was so so good.  After lunch I went for a facial and felt totally relaxed and pampered after.  It was heavenly.  As was this top.  Isn't it darling?  Wait til you see the back:

So cute, right?  I just love the tie detail. 

We did our grocery shopping Friday night as Phillip has a work deadline and wanted to spend time at the office this weekend.  Apparently this particular market hadn't collected ANY carts during the day and by 5:30pm on Friday there was not one to be had in the entrance.  #grocerystorefail #youcandobetterkroger

top | shorts | sandals | necklace | earrings

Saturday was just me - Phillip was at work.  I went to weight watcher (down 1.5 pounds!), ran a few errands, and then hung out at home doing various and sundry things.  Denim shorts and a comfy tee shirt seemed appropriate.

Working on some wedding details!

Sunday morning was all about coffee and some Stella & Dot work.  I did some baking, a quick Target run, put some chicken in the crockpot for lunches this coming week, and other various household tasks.

Once all that was taken care of, I curled up on the couch to do some blogging stuff and to catch up on the last two seasons of Sherlock!  Jack and Kate found some quality nap time on the porch and we spent a quiet afternoon about the house.

Come back tomorrow to hear about some favorite trips and some not so favorite trips!  It's Show and Tell Tuesday!


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