03 May 2017

Exciting News

I have been teasing this for a few weeks, but I have been given the all clear by Phillip to write about it.  We have been considering for months what we are going to do when our lease is up in January.  We've researched neighborhoods and school districts, locations and prices.  We thought about renting a house.  And then the right thing happened at the right time.

Say hello to our plot of land!  We are building a house.  Or rather, they'll start building once the final permit comes back from the city.  The house will be in Euless in a new development.  We happened upon one of the last two lots in the phase and basically everything lined up the way it needed to when it needed to.

We've driven by more than a few times.  For those of you who are curious, the builder is Village Builders, which is part of Lennar.

It is incredibly cool to build your house.  We've already been to the design center to pick out all the things.  We've selected paint carpet, tile, backsplash, granite, and cabinets.  It was fun.  I enjoyed it.  It helps that Phillip and I are pretty decisive people.  We don't hem and haw, once we decide on something we are done and move in.  That definitely helped here.

We've been exploring furniture options.  The master bedroom furniture is going to stay.  It's in great shape and will work with the grey tones in the house.  We need a new kitchen/dining table and a new living room set.  I loved this kitchen set, but I don't know about the rectangular table.  I'm thinking with the layout of the kitchen it would be best to go with a round table.

We are loving this living room set.  That ottoman is so pretty and I loved the grey and yellow together.

I am in love with this settee.  I want it for the Master.  That bird print is just darling. 

I'm considering this desk...

And this chair for my office.

We're deciding on some decorating/furniture things but we have some time.  We aren't scheduled to close until December 22 (tentatively).  It may be earlier, it may be later.  I wouldn't mind a little earlier, just as long as it's after the wedding.  I can't handle both at once! 

I promise more updates once they get going and I know I'll be doing lots on Instastories so make sure to find me on Instagram.

I'll see you back here on Friday for Friday Favorites!


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