12 April 2017

Workin It Wednesday

Hello and happy Wednesday!  Is this week almost done?  I don't know about you but it's been a doozy.  I am looking forward to this weekend.  Other than Easter Sunday we don't have much planned.

This Wednesday is a Workin' It Wednesday and this month's topic is Spring Cleaning.  Do you Spring Clean?  When I lived in the Northeast it was very popular because houses were old, closets were small, and people would swap out their heavy fall and winter clothes for spring and summer.  They would take the opportunity at that time to do a deep cleaning of the house.  Open all the windows, clean windows, yards, stairwells and put winter stuff in the garage or away: boots, shovels, etc.

Here in Texas, I find that we don't really do that.  I do like to do a good deep cleaning of everything and throw open all the windows as wide as I can and let the house air out after being sealed up all winter.  I do this before I have to seal it all up again to keep out the oppressive summer temps.

I don't have a Winter/Summer wardrobe swap either.  I'm pretty good about weeding out my closet though.  In January, at the start of the new year, I turn all my hangers backwards (yes, like that Pinterest hack) and when I wear something, I turn the hanger right side out.  After a season, if there is something that is still backwards, I know I haven't worn it.  That pile then gets donated or put up for sale on Poshmark (I'll get to that in a minute). 

I also will go through and find stuff that I maybe have collected a few too many of (plaid button down shirts come to mind).  Stuff I may have worn but am only so-so about, I'll add that to the pile too.

And then I put it up for sale.

Have you used Poshmark yet?  It's so easy. 

It's easy to see (and buy).  To sell, just take pictures of your clothes, and upload them to the site. You have to fill in details like brand, size, etc.  You then list what you want to sell it for.  People can buy it outright or you may get an alert saying someone offered you a different amount.  When an item is sold, you get a notification with a printable pre-paid mailing label.  I then put the item(s) in a priority mail box (free at your local post office), tape the label on, and drop it at the post office.  Once the buyer accepts your item, your money is deposited in your account which you can then transfer to your personal bank account.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy and a quick and easy way to make a few extra dollars.

You can check out my closet here.

And that's how I Spring Clean.  Any spring cleaning tips?  What do you all do?  Sound off in the comments below!


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