28 April 2017

Friday Favorites

Oh hooray for Friday!  I am so happy it is the end of the week.  We are off to Canton on Sunday and I am super excited.  I've never been and I am excited to go hunting for some fun stuff.

This Friday I want to highlight some of my favorite barre gear.  I go to barre 3-4 times per week and I am kind of particular about what I wear.  I can't help it, I'm picky.  Here are my favorites.

tank | sports bra | leggings

I wear some variation of this theme whenever I go to barre.

tank (similar) | leggings | sports bra

I love the cut of this tank.  It's my hands down favorite of my collection.  Dear Pure Barre, please make more tank tops like this.  Thank you.

tank | sports bra | leggings

Now, I can't link to the tank because you need to hit your 100 class mark to get it, but these leggings?  Oh my stars.  They are so good.  I love a good thick legging for barre and these are perfection.  I love the green color and the grey lower leg.  They are so pretty.

tank | leggings

I love this tank top.  It's comfy and easy to move in and I know I'll be comfortable during a hard core barre session.

sports bra | tank (similar) | leggings

These leggings are my hands down favorite.  They are SO SOFT.  So cozy and comfy.  At 5:15am when all you want is to be back in bed, these babies make you feel a little better about everything.

north face jacket

Some mornings it is just down right chilly and you need a jacket.  Especially at 5:00am.  This North Face Thermoball jacket is my favorite.  The fit is amazing and it's north face so the quality is amazing.  It's not too bulky but keeps me plenty warm.

barre socks

I have a kajillion barre socks, but these toed socks are my favorite.  I just find that they grip better than the others.  They're all good.  It's an intense workout though, so my recommendation is to go with what works best for you.  Some people hate these socks.  Some love them.  I happen to be in the love camp.

Those are my barre favorites!  I hope you found something for your workout.

Have a great weekend y'all!


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