24 April 2017

Date Night - Birthday Celebration

Happy Monday!  Here we are staring down the last week of April. May is tearing around the corner.  I don't know that I am ready for it yet.  It means we are three weeks away from commencement and I feel like I am so not ready for it. 

We had a fun birthday celebration weekend.  Phillip turned 38 on Saturday and we spent the night in Dallas to celebrate.  It was not without some hiccups, but we made the most of it and still had a really good time.  We stayed at The Highland Dallas.  It is a gorgeous hotel.  Well appointed with complimentary coffee and tea in the lobby every morning from 6-10.  The hotel staff was friendly and accommodating.  Overall a very nice hotel.  We checked in a little after four.  The plan was to shower and get dressed at the hotel before having dinner at Knife, which is at The Highland.

Our room was gorgeous.  And I just loved the leather headboard.  The room felt very Texas.  Texas art work, leather accessories, and then this:

Yup.  That is a wicker cattle shaped towel rack.  And now Phillip wants one for our place.  There was even animal skin/fur (I don't know if it was faux or not) in the elevator!  Definitely a little swanky. 

There was even a robe in the closet.  And it was comfy! 

dress | shoes (similar) | clutch (similar) | earrings | bracelets | watch

I LOVE this dress.  It runs big though, so size down.  The yellow is brighter than it is in the picture online.  It is so comfortable.  You could easily wear this dressed up or with flat sandals for something casually dressy like a wedding shower or baby shower.  And the added bonus?  Pockets.  #yourewelcome

I chose my favorite Trove Tassel earrings to wear with it because any reason to wear those is a good reason in my book.

We were dressed and ready to go.  It was 6:30 and our reservation at Knife was at 7.  We opted fordrink at the bar.  This is where the night detoured.

We sat down at the bar and ordered a couple of drinks.  The bartender, being friendly and all, asked us what our plans for the night were.  I said, excitedly, that we were having dinner at the restaurant.  At which point his face fell a bit and he said that the restaurant was closed for the night due to a fire alarm malfunction.  At which point my face fell.  I was so disappointed.  We had been looking forward to eating at Knife for weeks.  He then said that the restaurant was calling everyone with reservations to let them know.

And that's when I checked my phone.  Yeah, no missed calls and no messages.  They assuredly did not call me.  At that point it was almost 7.  I waited until 7 and then went over to the hostess stand and talked to a gentleman there.  At first he couldn't even find my reservation and then he located me.  He said that he had a note there that they tried to call me.  I explained that I've had my phone with me all evening and I had nothing.  He really didn't have anything to say to that.  Hopefully he followed up with whoever was supposed to be calling because they were falling down on the job.

At that point it was 7pm.  And we were in Dallas.  Without a reservation.  And it was my guy's birthday!  I was so disappointed that my well laid plans were quickly going south.  I hopped on open table to see if I could find us a table anywhere.  Luckily, there was a table open at Del Frisco's Grille at 8:15 so I snagged that.  It wasn't as upscale as we had planned, but it was something.

Now, how to get there.  We both had been drinking and the car was parked with valet.  Uber to the rescue! 

We were seated and I immediately ordered this glass of deliciousness.  It was called an Apt 5D.  It had vodka, strawberry puree, lemon sour, and a dash of balsamic.  And it was tasty.  Despite the hiccup in our plan we had a delicious dinner.  I highly recommend Del Frisco's Grille. 

We started with this grilled artichoke for an appetizer and it was tasty.  I had never had an artichoke served like this before and I would definitely order it again.  For dinner, I had the Hatch Chile Cheeseburger with sweet potato fries and Phillip had the Ribeye with jalapeno bacon mashed potatoes.  We both enjoyed our meals.  Mine was one of the best burgers I've ever had and Phillip said the ribeye was delicious.

We split the molten chocolate cake for dessert.  I know he really wanted their coconut cream pie.  It had gone past our table several times and it looked so good.  However, I HATE coconut and Phillip was a gentleman and went with something I could have a taste of even though it was his birthday and I told him to order whatever he wanted.

Then we uber'd back to the Highland.  Plan B ended up being delicious and fun and we still had a good date night out in Dallas.

Waiting to check out...

After we checked out, we stopped at one of our favorites, Cafe Brazil, for breakfast.  It was abouta block away from The Highland.  We used to frequent this location when Phillip lived in Dallas when we first started dating.  I always, always, always order the chorizo empanada.  Phillip usually gets the Brazilian Breakfast but this time he tried the Migas and really enjoyed it.

And with that, date night came to a close.  I'm sure we'll get to try Knife at some point, but in the end we were able to go out and celebrate Phillip's birthday and enjoy a night out in Dallas, which we did.  Our next Date Night will be next month and in New York City!  My super amazing fiance is taking me on the best date ever, to NYC for my 40th birthday!!!  I cannot wait!

Have a great week all!


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