07 March 2017

Stella & Dot Style

Hello there Tuesday!  We are one day closer to Spring Break!  Woohoo!  I am using all of the exclamation points this morning!  And with good reason.  I am so so excited about our Summer Capsule Collection for Stella & Dot.  There are seriously some gorgeous pieces to gush over.  So let's jump right in!

I told you they were gorgeous, right?  Would I lie to you, dear readers?  Of course not!

Let's start with item #1, the Setta necklace

The Setta is a special necklace because it is available to our March hostesses for FREE!  Yes, I said free.  If you are interested in snagging this gorgeous piece, email me at nichole@themrsfisherblog.com and we can set up an online trunk show.  Hosting an online trunk show is easy - I set up the event in Facebook and add you as a co-host.  I send all of messaging to you to send to invitees.  All you have to do is send out invites, reminders, and then comment in the posts.  The show itself lasts about 45 minutes.  I know, it seems to easy to be real, right?  My most recent hostess walked away with with over $180 in credits and 3 half off items.  Sweet, right?

Something else to love about his necklace?  It's super versatile.

The website says it's a 2-in-1, but here are at least 4 different ways of wearing it.

Including as a bracelet!  So versatile and it's only $59.

Next is this gorgeous Aven layered necklace.  All of you out there dreaming of summer?  This is your necklace.  Imagine it paired with a v-neck top or tank, some denim capris or shorts, and a cute pair of sandals.  Add a wrap bracelet or cuff and you are ready for summer!

See?  Cute, right? 

Item #3 is the Setta Layering necklace.  Sister to the Setta necklace, this one is versatile in a couple of ways.  Wear it as shown, or double up the longer pieces for a multi-strand choker.

Where are my statement necklace ladies?  This is your necklace - the Samar Fringe

Beautiful, isn't it?  I am loving the grey fringe.  Dress this one up or down, it will look good with just about everything.

Where are my ear climber fans?  How darling are these?

Introducing the Cascading Ear Climber.  I love the look of these.  I might need to add them to my ear climber collection.  They're interesting but not over the top.  An interesting understated if you will. 

Who are my earring people?  How amazing are these?  Perfect for summer, right?  These are the Gita Tassel Earrings and at $39 they will transport you to summer in a heartbeat.

Now I know I have some Sunglasses fans in the audience.  Here are your new best friends, the Wesley Sunglasses.  They come in Tortoise and Blush.

How pretty are these sunglasses?  And that blush color is just gorgeous.

Let's talk ear cuffs.  In gold and silver, the Pave Ear Cuff would make a great addition to your collection.

Slightly edgy, a little different, they will definitely be noticed.

Say hello to your new favorite summer bag - the Ellie hobo.

Wear it on your shoulder or as a crossbody (my favorite way!), you essentially get two bags for the price of one.  Are you ready for summer yet?  I know I am and I want this bag!

And last, but certainly not least, the Stellar Pave Ring in Gold!  Y'all, the Silver has been so popular, it's hard to keep in stock.  I have a feeling the same will happen with the gold.  The silver is $39 and the gold is $49.

How beautiful is this new collection?  I think I say that every time they release a new collection, but there is so much here that just screams summer and the beach.  What are you coveting?  To order any of the items here, you can find me here

And y'all, shopping with Stella & Dot is like instant gratification, you'll have your items in 3-5 days.  3-5 days (and that includes engravables)!  I've ordered from other companies and it can take a week or longer.  If you have any questions about any of these gorgeous pieces, you can reach me at nichole@themrsfisher.com

I'll see you all back here tomorrow for a Barre post!


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