27 March 2017

Messy Hair Don't Care

Hello all and Happy Monday!  Are we ready to survive another week?  We have lots going on, some of which I am sitting on my hands waiting to tell you all about.  I'll be able to let that particular cat out of the bag soon, I hope. 

I'm going to push Life Lately to another post this week and maybe combine it with What's Up Wednesday or Friday Favorites.  The reason for the switch?  I want to share a movie with you.

The movie is called "Messy Hair Don't Care" and it was a submission to the Keller Children's Movie Festival.  It stars my cousin Lila and it is her Alopecia Story. 

Lila is at heart, the sweetest, loveliest little girl.  She is such a lovebug.  I just saw her this past weekend when we were all at the Color Run 5K at Fair Park in Dallas.  Despite the chill in the air she was all smiles and excited to participate.  Which is how she always is.  Excited and smiling and wanting to participate in LIFE.  And all with such heart.  She and her twin brother Jackson are constantly doing things to melt my heart and I love that I get to be here in Texas with them.  You can see in the movie exactly what I'm talking about.

I am so proud of her for putting together this movie and sharing her story with the world.


For more information on Alopecia, please checkout the Children's Alopecia Project.


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