08 March 2017

Barre Session

If you've been a longtime reader of the blog, you know that I reference Barre a lot.  A Pure Barre studio opened here in Las Colinas last July.  They held a free open-house that weekend where you could take a class for free.  I signed up, showed up, and was immediately hooked.  Hooked to the point that I am close to hitting the 100 club!!!  I am so excited.

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I started taking one or two classes a week for a couple of weeks before I took the plunge and signed up for a monthly membership.  When I did, the owner Niki asked "what took you so long?  I knew you were hooked."  Speaking of Niki, she is an amazing studio owner.  She knows her clients and knows when they aren't working their hardest and when to push! 

sports bra | tank | leggings

My routine consists of the 5:15am class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and then the 8:30am class on Sunday.  I'd love to do the Saturday morning class, but it conflicts with Weight Watchers.  We are a dedicated group at 5:15am.  There's a little bit of chit chat, but not like there is at other times of the day.  We come in, get in our session, and head out. 

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What I really love though is a challenge and Pure Barre is hosting one this March.  20 classes in 31 days!  I have obsessively worked my calendar to figure out where I am going to get in my classes.  My parents are coming this weekend for a few days so I've had to reconfigure a few things.  I also have to miss Friday morning because of a work function.  Challenges are fun and I meet so many new people because we're all trying to fit as many classes in as we can.

tank | leggings | sports bra | shoes

And let me take a moment to gush about the instructors.  I've had all of them at this point and they are phenomenal.  Love them!  They are always working hard and their goal is to help you be the best you can be in class.  Due to my consistent schedule I usually take with Kelly and Niki, but occasionally I take with Megan and I think I've only taken from Grace, Grace, and Melissa once each.  I would recommend taking from any of them, but because I consistently take with Niki and Kelly, if I see they're teaching it's hard for me to bail on a class because then I feel guilty.

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Here's why I love it - I feel good doing it.  I work hard and I love how I feel after.  It's 55 minutes of me time where I don't think about work or stress or things I have to do.  I just focus on the class.  Doing this really helps me get set for the day.  At the beginning, during plank, the instructor always says, "take this time to set your intentions for the day".  I think she's referring to class, but I use it to set my intentions for the whole day. 

And I love what I've been able to accomplish.  My power will always be in my legs, it's just the way I'm built, but my core has gotten so much stronger.  I am able to do things now that I could not even imagine when I first walked in last July. 

And that's my Barre story!  What do you do to stay active?  What have you found that you love to do?  Sound off in the comments and then come back Friday for Friday Favorites!


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