08 February 2017

Workin' It - Relationships

Technically this month's topic is Keeping Your Marriage Strong.  Phillip and I aren't married yet, (262 days!) but we've been together two and a half years.  Here's some thoughts on what works for us.

We are both introverts, so that helps.  Neither one of us feel the need to be immersed in crowds for extended periods.  It means that we like similar environments and like to spend our free time in similar ways.  We are never going to be the neighbors that host a huge Super Bowl party.  This works well for us because that means one of us is never begging the other to go some place the other really doesn't want to go.

We are both morning people.  Early morning people.  During the week we are up at 4:40am.  Seriously.  This carries over to the weekend too.  The latest we sleep on the weekend is 6/6:30.  Yes, that means we go to bed relatively early, but it works for us.  It also helps that one of us isn't waiting for the other to be up and ready to go on the weekend.  You can't help but be annoyed when you are up and ready to go and the other is still snoozing at lunch time.  Half the day is wasted!


We're active together.  Fitness and nutrition are important to us and we are both supportive of each others goals in this area.  We run 5K's together and we are super competitive.  We try to run together three times a week, sometimes outside, sometimes at the gym.  We try to eat healthy and we're good about not bringing things into the house that will sabotage our goals.  It would be very hard to focus on my nutrition if he wanted to eat out every night or get fast food.  We cook at home almost every night.

We talk.  We talk about everything really.  But more importantly, we talk when something is bothering us.  It is very important to both of us that we don't hold stuff in when we are angry, or upset, or our feelings are hurt.  If one of us is feeling something, we speak up.  It's vital to us that we say what we need to in order to address it and learn from it and move on.  That adage about not going to bed angry?  So true.  At least for us. 

We go out on dates still.  To be fair, we went out on dates when we were, well, dating.  Now that we're engaged and almost married, we want to make sure that we still make that time for each other.  We're both busy career wise.  I've got school too, and blogging on top of it.  He has a couple of side projects as well.  Saturday night is a time for us to disconnect from everything else and just spend time with each other.  We try new restaurants or go to the movies or just pick one of our favorite places.  My goal is that years from now we're still doing date night.

That's how we make it work!  We work at it every day.  I never take for granted what we have and our life together.  Working at it makes it all that much sweeter.

Thanks for joining me for Workin' It!  I'll be back on Friday with Friday Favorites...


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